Green Envy: What Wizards fans said, 05/11

Home court advantage has never been more important in a series.

Perhaps there's been series where the home team has blown out the opposing team by more points per game, but if there is, it's before my memory banks can recall, and that's been the case in this series. Double-digit victories have been the exclamation point on the pattern we've seen so far, and to the Celtics' fans delight (and the Wizard's fans misery), Boston has one more home game than Washington. Still, this is no guarantee the Celts will make it to the Eastern Conference Finals - they will need to bring their "A" game every time they take the floor, and then kick it up another notch - but they definitely ruined more than a few nights last night, so take a gander if you're into that sort of thing.


Does anybody else notice that the celts have been down DOUBLE DIGITS EVERY GAME. It's clear that they can't beat the Wizards now with Mahimi back its time for Wizards to stand tall and end the worst 1 seed ever

Celts have lost 2 home games so far and needed OT to avoid a third. Celts only shoot 3s and that kills when you go cold because there are no rebounds. Thomas plays hero ball too much trying to draw fouls because he doesn't trust his team mates.

very inconsistent club that other clubs are well aware the Celtics very frequently give up huge leads all the time. WIZ win....PERIOD.....

Wizards in 6

Let's go Bullets!

Wiz win 115-105

WAS 104-92

Isiah Thomas disappear again last game

If Beal pulls a game 2 its done

Oubre Oubre Oubre Oubre

The teams have met eight times this season. Eight nasty get-togethers dating all the way back to early in the season. Eight games -- and the home team has won eight games.

The Wizards have to change that if they have designs of meeting the resting Cleveland Cavaliers in the conference finals.

Celtics are not built for a championship! Wall will school Itty Bitty once again! If they traded for Butler they would be a championship team. But Ainge holds on to those picks like a squirrel with his nuts. Boston fans should be very angry at Ainge. Once a team gets 1 player away from being great you always make the deal! Now it will cost Boston twice as much to get a star player!

The best role for IT probably is sixth man because he is just too small of a player to be your first option or franchise player.

Have to agree, no team is going to go all the way with a small player like him as a star. Real teams will smoother him out.

I just consider that game 6 is not just an opportunity to win this series, but also create separation. Game 7 would be a golden opportunity to win the series, too. There is definitely a lot of parity left in the East with you separate Cleveland from the pack. They would separate themselves from those teams decidedly. Plus, a game 6 victory would create a nice 2 day break. The Wizards certainly have their groove on there at Hogwarts Verizon Ctr

Four games in, still waiting to see if Amir Johnson can jump. Might be awhile.

Chicago would've swept the Celtics if rondo didn't get hurt.

Last Game the Wizards attacked Thomas, made him play a little defense trying to guard Beal. you gotta think if they do that again, they should win. Boston just seems like a 1 man team.

Q: What is the difference between a Celtics fan, and a bucket of S(H(I(T?
A: the bucket

Wizards will be inspired by Comey firing.

I see the Celtics farting this one away in Bah-stun. ..... DONE deal, Shaquille.

Tbh, wizards should have swept.

DC pwns Boston tonight


why do the refs always favor the home team? wall is getting hammered out there and getting 0 calls

I hope Boston is enjoying tonight, because they will not have a game that good for the rest of the playoffs!

Cavs fans rooting for Boston cuz they are scared of Washington. You would think they would want Washington to prove they are good. Instead they want to the team with one good player over a dominate back court. Wimps.

IT gets to carry/palm every time he dribbles the ball.

YAWN....wake me up when Larry Bird comes out of the closet

this game isn't doing much for me.

Mahimi is making $16m. More than gortat and Otto jr. Comey should have been after him for stealing money. And Ernie as co-conspirator.

Game will be tied at halftime.

bottom line is Boston cant rebound,225-186 ,thats better then 10 a game,u cant win if u cant rebound.

Watch the wiz come back just like the Caps did.

I can't recall a more disappointing Playoffs as a whole in recent memory than this years edition. The officiating is a problem every single game, 80% of the games have been blowouts, and everyone and their grandmothers can predict who's going to be in the Finals and it's only May.


It sure looks like a royal screwing is in the cards. These refs are blatantly missing so many obvious fouls against the Wiz. My guess, it's like the rest of the games the Celtics have played all year, the NBA has their favorites and can't let the unexpected teams get ahead of their agenda. Or it's just as simple as the sports betting companies are still paying of the refs.

at what point does he have to demand the ball when we inch back to a 13 pt deficit and everyone else wants to poop on themselves??

make it happen scottie…no one came to play tonight but otto. run some plays for the man.

Oubre dribbles down the last 15 seconds of the clock and proceeds to launch an uncontested stat padding three right before the buzzer. Bad form Kelly, very bad form.

Olynyk probably is the dirtiest player in the league along with Draymond Green.

Will olynyk break Love's arm again lol

I wouldn't bring up that play between KO and Love, the coach took KO out of that game, he probably saved his life.

What a disappointing game so far for the wiz.The Celtics are a slightly above average team at best and the sis are getting blown out by them.Even Celtics fans will admit there team is the worst number one seed of all time.

Celtic fans need to understand that there team has hit there ceiling with there current team.Its likely all down hill starting next year .They won't win 53 games again with there current team. They just don't have the talent to ever compete for a title.

If the Celtics get swept, they'll prove they're no better than the Hawks of '15 and the Raptors of '16.

Vegas+Refs work to manage thess games!!

I am sorry but only way Celtics are going to go to the finals is when Lebron retires... Just keep in mind also Lebron's ability to recruit and gm other players to come over and play for him. Cavs will go to the finals for at least 5 years in a row unless something crazy happens like injury to Lebron.

@Boston had a "HORSE DAY" - One day in a year when all incredible moves, passes - whatever you want - are realised.
@Boston we are expecting next game day will back to norm, to the brick play.

I saw a stat that said the wiz have been winnning for 70% of this series. Obviously the only score that matters is the final score, but that indicates that for the better part of this series, the Wizards have been the better team, even in Boston (espeically game 2). Can Boston win this series? Sure. Heck they could win these next two and shut all us wiz fans up. But through a 4 game sample size it's pretty clear the Wizards have the more talented team. I expect talent to overcome home court advantage. Wiz in 6. But then again, I'm a DC sports fan, I've been duped many times before lol.

It does seem like Wall and Beal always try to take it upon themselves to win the game and be the heros.
That’s great when they come through and/or when they are rolling, but they force it similar to how RW and Harden do when things get tight. I checked the box score early in the game and Beal was 1 for 7, ended up with 19 shot attempts for a whopping 16 points.
Wall was 7 for 17 for 21 points and only 4 assist. Wall should have adjusted…the refs weren’t giving him calls on the drives and the Celtics kept collapsing in, so instead of Wall kicking it out he keeps trying to force the issue. Why not trust his shooters/teammates?
Majority of the 1st half we tried to force feed Beal, it wasn’t until the 3rd when we went to Porter and Morris p/r that we started to chip into the lead and then I don’t even think Porter got back into the game again, but point being why didn’t we go to him in the 1st half before the game was over? That’s on Coach and Wall/Beal taking too many shots.

Game to game we seem to be able to adjust but during the game our team leaders of coach, Wall and Beal are too slow to adjust and keep trying to force things.

Was Wall sick or something?
Bad games happen, but his body language and energy suggested he didn’t want to be out there. On defense he was barely moving and lost his man more often than not. On offense he seemed reluctant to push the pace, which like saying Curry didn’t want to attempt any threes. That was more than playing badly, which makes me wonder if he had a migraine or something.

Wizards in 7

Wizards in 7 I guess

Wizards will bounce back, they are the better team, IMO

wizards got killed by the 3s this game... but they will bounce back!

COMEBACK IN GAME 6!!!! its coming!

I hope he’s back to his normal star self the next two games. No chance without Wallstar.


Very bad day for Washington sports.

Wizards were ice cold tonight. They can't string a few good games in a row.

#$%$ boston..1st seed in the east, in the playoffs still, and they get the no. 1 pick in the draft..dafuq

Embarrassing. Total lack of focus and effort - whole team.
Avery Bradley – "Key to John Wall is stopping transition."
No shit! Been saying that his entire career. Too one dimensional to be truly great!

Unfortunately it looks like the Wizards are done tonight and lost the series

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