Did LeBron carry the ball on a crucial possession in Game Four?

It's only natural to blame the rook.

After all, they ARE new to the pro game, and liable to make mistakes. Throw in guarding the best player on earth, and there's no question where to place the blame when a missed defensive assignment turns into a momentum-shifting dunk. 

Unless, of course, it isn't the rookie's fault. 

Say what you will about the consistency of officiating in the league, but the truth is the superstars get the benefit of the doubt in this league, and when LeBron James carried the ball to shake young master Brown, he got away with it. More than a few of our own faithful jumped on the rookie at first, but soon sharper-eyed accounts began to bubble up, showing - quite clearly - the ball resting in the palm of his hand. Perhaps it was merely a friendly nod to Isaiah Thomas, who had quite a reputation for so doing this season. Perhaps it's our turn to complain about it. None of this is why I am writing about it.

I just want the truth to be known about the rookie's D; it's better than you think. CBS' Matt Moore thought maybe he saw Jaylen Brown get a hand on the ball when he stuck his arm underneath LeBron's...but the carry was with the left hand, on the left side, a full half-second before Brown's anticipatory reaching. Maybe you agree with me, maybe Matt - I'm not going full Zapruder film here - but whatever you think about the play, the kid's putting in work along with the rest of his team, playing their hearts out and giving us at least one more home game.

Watch the ball stop in LBJ's left hand...nowhere near Jaylen's reach.

That's it - that's all I got - except to say this series has been a lot more competitive, we're headed home...

...and I believe we can win at home, in no small part because of Jaylen Brown's defense.

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