Boston listed as a likely landing spot for Chris Bosh

With news that the Heat, NBA and the NBPA are working together to remove Chris Bosh's salary cap hit from Miami, which would allow him to become a free agent and return to basketball, it was inevitable that a list of likely landing spots would pop up soon. Bleacher Report compiled a list of the most likely seven landing spots for the former Raptor and Heat big man and the Celtics popped up at #1.

The Boston Celtics are missing a puzzle piece. Their backcourt is loaded with present and future contributors, their center is a former All-Star and their small forwards fit the modern three-and-D role.

But power forward has been a problem...

A healthy Bosh immediately and immensely attacks this issue, whether he mans the spot or allows Al Horford to slide over. Bosh not only adds a self-sufficient scoring threat, he addresses needs on the defensive glass (27th in defensive rebounding percentage) and in protecting the paint (tied for 15th against shots within five feet).

The Celtics are close to contention but likely still need another lift to reach that level. As much as having the No. 1 pick helps, Bosh anywhere near full strength could be an even bigger boost in the short term.

Now not sure if the Celtics being list #1 means Boston is the most likely destination for Bosh or that the seven were no apparent order and the Celtics just happened to be listed first. The truth of the matter is if healthy and cleared to play (still a big IF), Chris Bosh would help any contender. And in terms of the Celtics roster balance, he'd address a lot of our big man issues. He had to take a back seat playing next to LeBron and Wade, but prior to his recent health issues he was putting up some great numbers in Miami again.

Also at 33 years old, but with some time off the past few seasons, his NBA mileage is still pretty low and we're seeing finesse big men with similar games play close to the age of 40. So again IF he's healthy, Bosh wouldn't be some limited old man signing. He'd likely still be performing at a high level.

Despite this list and the Celtics coming up #1, my guess is that Bosh doesn't end up in Boston. The health risk reminds us too much of Reggie Lewis (who by the way the NBA refused to take off our salary cap years after his death) and I see Bosh preferring a different geographical destination (likely Texas or California). But yes in a basketball sense Bosh and the Celtics make a ton of sense. Worth keeping an eye on.