Vertical: Rajon Rondo is preparing to play in game 5

As if this Celtics/Bulls series needed another curveball but according to Shams Charania of The Vertical Rajon Rondo is aiming to be on the floor tomorrow night for Chicago:

Nothing set in stone just yet but this shouldn't be a huge surprise to Celtics fans as Rondo has been know to tough it out and play injured on numberous occasions. Although this time it's his shooting hand that's banged up.

We talked a little bit this morning on the CelticsLife podcast about what a potential Rondo return in this series would mean, although neither myself or Justin figured this for game 5. I'm more than a bit skeptical about how effective Rondo can be with a broken thumb on his shooting hand. He's already not a good shooter and a with bum thumb to top it off the Celtics defenders would be able to play way off him, but I did watch just how awful the Bulls other options are at point guard so he's probably still an upgrade.

Either way don't expect the National TV Rondo was saw last week. I'd be shocked if he was more than marginally effective. Even still I guess Chicago could be a little better with him on the floor. If I'm the Bulls I'd rather have a one-armed Rondo share time with Isaiah Cannon than watch Jerian Grant and Michael Carter-Williams throw up on themselves again for any stretch of time.

Considering the Celtics won these last two games by a mile I'm not sure a banged up Rajon makes all the difference to swing the series but we might find the answer to that tomorrow night.

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