Rondo fined $25,000 for Game 3 incident; Lil B curse may be next

I'd be frustrated, too, if someone gave me this to wear to the Playoffs.
Current Chicago Bull and ex- Boston Celtic Rajon Rondo has been fined $25,000 by the league for the incident in Game Three of the Bulls-Celtics First Round series where he appeared to trip Jae Crowder from the bench.

Rondo, who was ruled out of the game and almost certainly the series after fracturing his thumb on a play against Kelly Olynyk in Game Two, seemed frustrated by the Bulls' poor play in his absence, which may have been a factor in his ill-timed "stretch", as he described it, blaming the motion on his ACL injury's lingering effects. It seems the league wasn't buying his explanation - along with many Celtics fans, though former teammate Gerald Green was hesitant to comment on whether he believed the motion was intended to trip Jae Crowder:

It's well known to Boston fans the depth of competitiveness Rondo has burning in him for the playoffs, so if indeed Rajon was trying to influence the game from the bench a little, it's understandable if unprofessional, and had no noticeable impact on the game, so the fine seems proportional to the deed. Interestingly enough, this isn't even the first time this kind of controversy has followed a benched, frustrated Rondo, and depending on who you believe, there may be more to worry about than just a league fine:

Here's to another frustrating night to the Bulls, whatever really happened - Chicago and Boston tip off at the United Center for Game Four at 6:30 PM EST tonight.

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