Let's be honest, of course Isaiah palms the ball, but so has half the NBA for quite some time

Fred Hoiberg is really grasping for straws in an attempt to win this series and keep his job. Does Isaiah Thomas commit what should be called travels? Of course he does. The above video by BBALL Breakdown 'breaks" his moves down and it's obvious. The truth is NBA players have been doing this for at least the past 25 years. Allen Iverson received the same criticisms. LeBron does it. Curry does it. Hoiberg's own stars Wade and Butler do it.

NBA players palm the basketball. They also sometimes stay in the lane for longer than 3 seconds and set moving picks. The league has committees in place to discuss these matters in the offseason. If the Bulls want to bring up traveling during that time, go for it. Just know that it will affect their players as well. Maybe Hoiberg's whining will get the refs to call one extra travel on Thomas this series, but he's not going to be forced to change his game. Everyone would have to change their games then. Not happening. Sorry Fred.

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