Isaiah Thomas on track to be one of Boston's best scorers ever

Isaiah Thomas has done insane things this season. Take into account that he's under six feet tall and it's even more incredible. Most of the Celtics records that he has already broken have already put him in elite company, but he's continuing to build his legacy in Boston.

Put aside NBA records for now, like that he's about to be the best scorer ever for a player under six foot, let's just look at the Celtics. IT has joined C's legends in the annals of Boston records across the board, whether it's with consecutive 20-point games or three-pointers made, now he's on the edge of cracking into the top five in points scored in one season.

With three games left, IT4 just needs to pick up 18 points to jump Paul Pierce and claim the fifth spot in Celtics history. Considering he's only tallied less than 20 points four times this season, unless he's rested for the final three games, he should find his way into the top five.

That will put him alongside Larry Bird and John Havlicek for best scorers in the storied Celtics history.

After overtaking Pierce, though, he would need to have unreal games with close to 50 points each to climb further.

There's always next season, Isaiah.

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