Green Envy: What Wizards fans said - Game 1, 4/30/17

The Washington Wizards fans are absolutely by far my favorite to do a Green Envy on. They always start full of such gusto and confidence, and yet a Celtics victory turns them completely despondent. John Wall goes from hero to zero in no time flat, it's literally the same thing everytime. Today's massive swing, 16-0 to a 12 points loss, is about as good as it gets. I seperated the two halves because the shift is laughable, and although we don't include the names I assure you it's mostly the same people with some of these comments.

Top 3:

It's a long series but I’m afraid this one was over before it started.

IT, just gotta tip your hat

They're in the lottery due to a trade, right?
Relax man, we got the Bojan. It's like winning the lottery.

The doubt creeping in:

This is not the Hawks we are not going to breeze through this one.

If we don't end up winning this series, I hope Cleveland absolutely embarrasses and exposes this Celtics team.

No way they can keep this up for the entire series. Jae Crowder is 5-6 from 3pt range
If they played defense like this, yeah Boston would

If Keef can't go the rest of the series, Boston in five.

1st half

John is 5-0 in playoff Game 1s all time. Let’s keep that record perfect.

let's see what kinds of excusses the losing team (celtics) will have today

More al horford moving screens or Marcus smart flops this game?

Wizards win series in 5 or less. We got this

watch Morris early. If he is locked in and productive, its going to be a long day for Boston


I hope LBJ is watching


Celtics have zero interior defense.

lol why'd he even start Gerald Green, knew that was dumb

Wow lol refs had to save em

Here come the refs sucking Thomas's dick.

Damn sick start...on some champion shit

Horford just fouled IT

Stay chill John...cut the fancy shit stay doin floor general

I guess I shouldn't have turned game on

did this *guy* really lose HIS TOOTH Lmao

how the hell did his tooth come out that easy?!? Dude must have some GINGAVITIS

1st quarter, boston already needs the hero ball of IT,

The Wiz just squandered a 22 point lead in their last game
lord knows what the bench might do

It's super early but this is exactly why Cavs opted for a detour via 2nd seed
They wouldn’t get any rest vs The Wiz
Exactly. They'd rather hot/cold Lowry over an unstoppable Wall

whos this scrub onlynik?
Ol' Pube Beard
Dirk 2.0

Fucking Olynyk. Somebody needs to knock him on his ass.

I am so tired of leprechauns already

Dammit refs--and referee Scott Foster is from MD (officiated high school ball in the area). Obviously not a Wiz fan--LOL
***editor's note: i'm fairly certain Scott Foster hates every team equally

Insert the tooth back in? Huh??
Yeah have I not understood how teeth work my whole life????!?

y'all tried to tell me Olynyk, Avery Bradley and a prospect was a ridiculous package for Beal. Damn biased homers

Jennings is so abhorrent ..I hate watching him

Dang, when Keef looks that hurt you know it's bad

If Keef is out we're done. We'll lose this series in 6.

Well there goes my Sunday afternoon . . . .

yoo wtf happened

Celtics can create whatever look they want, they are getting clean driving lanes for days

These Celtics are the league's biggest crybabies. Players and fans alike.
and announcers (Heinsohn)

NBA refs carrying water for their marquee franchises. What else is new?

2nd half:

Lock in for two more quarters and steal the advantage in this series.

JUST 1 on 1 Defense for this combination of scrubs, called Boston Celtics.

John needs to go into all these drives with the mentality that he's going to dunk all over the Celtics' ugly faces.

Hopefully IT slows down

20 three point attempts to 9 for the good guys

The pace of this series might not be a good thing

I see that a lot, Wall not aware of his surroundings when bringing the ball up the court.

Defense is just awful right now and idk what John is doing offensively

Wall playing like trash so far this quarter

awful start to the quarter. are we going to let them take this?

Wtf is John doing man

John always does this shit when we're in Boston

Fuck Boston, but this Wizards team deserves this.

wizards aren't as good a team

Jesus, we are doing nothing right.

john been awful the second half

It is all on Wall. He sets the tone when we are good, and sets the tone when we are bad.

Genuine question: if the coaching staffs were swapped, do you think this game looks a bit different right now?

Game. And we have to listen to the shit talking celtics fans, fuck those guys

Losing to Atlanta was fine ... but losing to Boston is really unpleasant ...

Horford is the ultimate Wizards killer. Forever and always.

Cs put Novocane in hand soap or what this is ridiculous

Fuck John Wall for this man. Forget the performance two days ago this was trash

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