Green Envy: What Magic fans said - 3/31

The Celtics were victorious over the Orlando Magic on Friday night at the TD Garden, albeit in slightly underwhelming fashion. Isaiah Thomas put up 35 points and 7 assists to lead his team to the 117-116 win. As a result, Boston remain at the top of the Eastern Conference, with 6 games remaining before the playoffs. The Magic don’t have to worry about the playoffs, as they sit at 14th in the East, with a 27-29 record. Here’s what some of their elated fans had to say about last night’s game:

Top Three

Gordon just had no regard for human life there. That's a grown man he just stuck balls on.

F The tank tonite. I actually want us to beat these floppy basses. They get away with so much ish. Starters are fighting and not getting rewarded.

Vucevic needs to shut his mouth. He belongs on the Los Angeles Clippers with all this complaining. Maybe we can trade him for Chris Paul or something?

Shameless Tanking Talk

Ah man, loss of the year. Possibly have never been more excited in my life then this moment.

Couldn't have asked for a better loss.

Prob best outcome we could've had.

Holy chit that was intense. The tank came through in the end though. Fantastic games by AG and Elf again. Great tank loss.

2 clutch losses in a row!

Whew....tank goodness. Good job, great effort!

Whew that was a close one. Happy for the loss.

Speculation On Boston's Future

Jaylen Brown is starting, Avery Bradley is OUT. What happens when the Celtics draft 1st overall, do they plan on drafting this guy and keeping him? Or are they trading the #1 pick for a superstar?

I suppose they can do whatever they think is best for the franchise long-term. I really think other teams in the near future will look at their rebuild and try to replicate it. They managed all their assets so well and now they have all sorts of options...and they're a playoff team.

I think if they got Fultz/Ball they say bye to Isaiah (and his future 200 million dollar deal), and let him and his rookie salary take over the reigns with Jaylen Brown.

I know the little guy putting up numbers makes for a feel good story but how am I the only one who just isn't impressed by this Boston team? Yes they are a clear playoff team but in no world do I see an actual contender. If they max out Thomas they are doomed to being a 2nd round exit team for the next 5+ years.

The Nikola Vucevic Fan Club

I hate when Vooch stops playing and starts whining while the game is still going on.

Vuc is so frustrating to watch, all he does is whine.

Vuc needs to learn some functional strength workouts. My grandma could keep him from backing her down.

Vuc despite being over a foot taller refuses to contest an IT layup.

Full Slate

Go magic? Lol

This Celtics team are good. I’d be happy if we could just avoid being completely mauled.

I think if we can pull this off it would be a big win. They crushed us last time and I'd love to get revenge.

Boston has a chance to widen lead over Cavs and we need a loss. Hopefully both sides are happy tonight.

Don't let Thomas score more then 40. Lose by 7pt or less #todaysgoals

Unbelievable. this is a professional basketball team.

Ugh. I really wanted to see if this team could jump that last hurdle and make the win when it counts! Kind of a blind layup with the defense. I don't despise the judgement to drive it.

Smart has to be the worst 3 point shooter that always hits threes against us.

Gordon going off. what a facial on smart. That was a beautiful thing.

Honestly, Smart was clearly set and outside the restricted area. I think that garbage ref Zach Zarba just didn't want to take away the highlight.

We just witnessed a murder. Live.

Haahaha..... Smart just got TeaBagged!

Mario's looking good. Oh, wait...

Meeks just chucking. Don't care if he's playing for a new contract or not. Phuck him!

its amazing to me that we are trying to win all these games. meanwhile, 76ers sitting everybody.

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