Green Envy: What Knicks fans said - 4/2

Great win for the Celtics over the Knicks! Al Horford and Jaylen Brown led an entertaining array of dunks and finishes, but these weren't quite as enjoyable for the team on the receiving end. Here's what Knicks fans said during their loss:

Top Three

I hate this team and I hate myself for being a fan.

Can the Knicks cut Sasha before the second half?

Clash of the least talented brothers out of the Plumlee and Zeller clans!

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Jaylen Brown is officially in the Celtics doghouse.
#GetHimNow #StrikeWhileTheIronIsHot

lol Marcus Smart with the lowest 3 point % in the NBA
anybody who likes him is f*****g trash

Lol Crowder with that delay of game.
F*****g bum

Smart/Bradley is the most overrated duo in history.

Why is Melo not passing the ball!!!!

Jaylen Brown is the greatest player ever

Marcus Smart is a really great garbage minute player.
Probably ultimately what his role should be in the NBA.


Lmao at Isiah Thomas being almost the same height as sideline reporters

Sasha is the ultimate tank commander

Wow Smart, that was stupid

horford shaqtin a fool

Vujac with a heroic tank commander effort!

this has become unwatchable
im out

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