Green Envy: What Hornets fans said, 4/8

Yesterday, the Celtics went into Charlotte and took the Hornets down 121-114. After giving up a 20 point lead, the Celtics battled through adversity and hit some big shots to close the game out in North Carolina. With their playoff hopes on the line, here's what Hornets fans said throughout the game:

Top Three:

Isaiah Thomas looks like a little green alien

Get Crowder and Demarre Caroll of the Raptors constantly mixed up, they're twins

It's amazing how great of a player MJ was and how unbelievably bad of an Owner/GM he is

Best Comment of the Night:

Well, at least we can still celebrate the Tar Heels championship we just won, fuck the Hornets, I'm done with em

Best of the rest:

Boston is reeling, need to get a win to save our chances tonight, really think we'll crush em

WTF how could they eject Cliff on the last home game of the year?

Cliff gone, Silas now coaching, foreshadowing anyone?

Jesus, Isaiah is burning Kemba, his defense has really fallen off this year

If we weren't historically the worst 3 point defending team in the league, we'd be a 2-seed this year

WTF is with lamb getting all this playin time, guy is so ugly i can't look at him

Man we really need a guy who can defend like Crowder, that dude is a beast

MKG just made Thomas his bitch

Quick, let's play a game of who is the worst Zeller?

Wow, we would lose this game

This roster is a dumpster fire, MKG is the biggest bust in years besides Anthony Bennett

Imagine if we had Stevens as our coach, he would have our team in 2nd place too, Boston is way too lucky