Green Envy: What Bulls fans said, 4/26

The Celtics have won three in a row, with a Game 6 108-97 victory in Boston over Chicago. Bulls fans were excited as the game went on but that confidence slowly disappeared and transformed into an insult party. Let's take a look at what salty Bulls fans said:

Top Three:

Fred Hoiberg looks like one of those kids in high school, who's in your group for a presentation, then when it's his turn to present, he just doesn't know shit about what he's talking about

I'd rather do Meth than to see MCW out there on the hardwood again

I'm done with Wade. The experience was shit, his defence makes me want to slit my fucking wrist and just looking at his constant bitching, whenever he’s on a court…. I’ve just had enough. Never thought I’d be able to dislike him more outside of Miami, but here we are… Can’t wait to see the back of that guy.

Superlative Comments of the Game: Vicious Comments about Marcus Smart

Woof, Smart needs that proactiv son

Why does Smart's face look like the surface of the moon?

What is worse, looking at Jared Sullinger's shoulder mole when he was on the Celtics or Smart's face?

(*Editors Note: Wouldn't make fun of Smart too much, because he IS about that life)

Best of the Rest:

I'll give fred credit for bringing up Thomas' incessant carrying its out of hand

Refs def in Boston's pocket

Noticed the Celtics use the same shitty switch we use on defense

MCW can't dribble up the court with Rozier guarding him? How fuckin sad is that

Hoiberg is so hilariously inept making adjustments out of timeouts

The entire celtics team flops, wonder if they practice it

will someone please explain why traveling never gets called I know Terry Rozier is an MVP candidate but he clearly took three steps before that dunk.

Celtics are definitely the type of franchise that plays Fall Out Boy in their arena. I bet Nickelback is next (*Editors Note: I have to admit this was kind of true and funny)

Can't believe the Canadian Luis Scola is killing us right now

Anthony Morrow is our second best scorer right now (Wow we're fucked)

Love Wade on offense, hate him on defense, guy doesn't even try anymore


Wade has given up

Wade needs to be ripped in the national media

Rondo is still our best PG, even with one hand, put him out there

Wade might be worse on defense than James Harden

Might as well roll out the red carpet for Thomas to get to the basket

Crowder trying to pull the Dildovedova on Robin, what a bum

Lopez is the only good thing to happen this series

Well, that's a wrap, Bulls just quit, this series is over, we ain't winning two in a row

Avery Bradley was in Jimmy Butler's pants more than Shay Mitchell was for the past year, guy locked him up

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