Green Envy: What Bulls fans said, 4/23

Admit it. You were ready to write this series off and turn the page to next season not that long ago. OK, maybe not ALL of you, but more than a few, to be sure. Thankfully, the Boston Celtics got sick of losing at just the right time, and Brad Stevens coaching wizardry certainly didn't hurt, either. We're now tied up at 2-2 after simply walking into Mordor, er, I mean Chicago, and crushing their hopes of a sweep soundly. The odds now favor the Celtics to win this round, so let's enjoy the run of emotions as the new reality sets in with Bulls fans.


This game is on TNT, meaning guaranteed W from the bulls, go Chicago baby

Wanna hear a joke? This year's Eastern #1 seed

C'mon Bulls get fired up !

Bradley is way overrated

Chicago should pull it out, they have a better all around team I believe

Wooooo pig sooooie!!! Let's go Portis

Go bulls
Fuck the Celtics

Bulls lose today, it’s over in six. Win today, it’s also over in six, with the Bulls winning.

If the celtics get off
To a quick and decent lead right away, I really don’t see this team recovering or coming back and you can pretty much say that the series will be over then. I’ll be intently watching this first qtr as I really do think the series is on the line.

lol IT trying to guard wade


Free Denzel Valentine

MCW could be the worst player in the league. Why is he in

It typically goes to shyt when Michael Carter Williams steps foot on the floor.

MCW got in Thomas' face, now he's burying you. Probably wasn't a good idea.

Anybody else wanna punch MCW in the face?

Regular Season Rondo =/= Playoff Rondo. He is missed as a distributor and a defender. MCW/Grant are nowhere near him in either regard and don't have the shot to make up for their lack of distribution skills. I'm sorry, but Rondo is as integral, if not more, to the Bulls success RIGHT NOW.

Anyone know when rondos expected back

No Rondo
has give the Celtics 200% confidence.

Sad what one player can do


Fred needs to sit Niko and Grant
They offer nothing

Neither Grant nor Mirotic are starters.
Grant is flat-out terrible.
So we started this game playing 3 against 5.

Niko fucking blows

Mirotic has no confidence = useless

I hope Mirotic warms the bench for the rest of the game

What does wade do?
The ref is more active and running around.

Why does the worst player on the floor
Have the most shots taken between both teams??? Come the fuck on fred. Sub yourself in at this point.

I can't understand why Hoiberg is so fucking dumb
great job GarPax

Same as last game
Open 3s for days. Won’t won shit with a shit coach. Coach doing the same thing hoping it works again

crime rate going up in Chicago TONIGHT!!! 1 crime= every point the Celtics put up, LOL

Jimmy doesn't looking engaged in the game
and, of course, the rest of the Bulls looking like some clusterfuck team again.

Canaan is in
I almost don’t mind this… Point Jimmy time

caanan!?! every PG just gets worse


5 fucking point guards.
2 so bad they don’t dress. 2 so bad they shouldn’t play. 5 fucking point guards!! 5 of them!

Cmon, Bulls... rally.
Please play tight defense and good things are bound to happen.

OK- down 11- it is manageable.
Don't let Grant see the court in the second half.
Why isn't Valentine getting a chance????

Boston perfected the art of whining.

Butler finally realized he has to take the PG duties on himself because the ones available are trash

BUTLER! That's the key of this comeback

Bulls- you were gifted two wins on the road, don't blow it all by giving those two games right back.

someone needs to fucking penetrate! We cant fucking shoot

I hate it when they say Boston is the top seed which they are but they suck and I. Thomas u good but ya going to get swept by LeBron if ya get thr lol

Chicago needs to cut off the legs of the Boston running game

This is a shame. The Bulls are unquestionably the better team, but missing Rondo is THE key to this series. Without him, Thomas is having no issues whatsoever offensively. This really bites.

 Both teams are trash. it doesnt matter who wins this series.

Officials better check the balls are not deflated. If you know what I mean

Fuck Rondo
Fuck Gar
Fuck Pax
Fuck Fred

Kelly Olynyk just looked terrible bringing the ball up the floor...
… maybe the Bulls will sign him as a point-guard next year.


Bulls need Rondo. I see 4 straight for Celts.

We won games 1 and 2 in Boston? We did.
Loss of Rondo is devastating as we have no one close to being an adequate substitute.

Wade a shell of his former self. Moronic and Grant.. lol! Lopez.. meh. Rondo the patchwork that sealed this hole is now gone, so they keep bleeding. GG Bulls

Hoiberg just complained publicly that IT always discontinues his dribble and palms the ball. Just shut up fred. Their it ty bitty killed our it ty bitty.

Looks like Bulls will get blown out again at home. Happened all season long. Some games, they just don't show up.

How you gonna steal two in Boston and then give up both at home? I almost want you to lose the series now, Chicago, but my hate for Boston is too strong. Gotta give props to the Celtics for responding like they have. Somehow this has turned into a good series with #$%$ basketball.

Dyed-red Bulls fan here tipping my hat to Isaiah Thomas, THE factor in stopping us in the 3rd. Incredible! Hurts to lose this one, but we just can't make the plays the Celtics do.

I'm embarrassed to see Pippen and Horace watching this

Any possibility Gar Forman and Fred Hoiberg are somewhere else next year?? Please?

And all this time there was a decent team hiding in there
And all this time there was a decent team hiding in there, held together by Rajon Rondo
And all this time there was a decent team hiding in there, held together by Rajon Rondo’s defense?!?
I cannot live in this world, I’m just gonna go with, "The first two games were flukey."

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