Green Envy: What Bulls fans said, 4/21

For a second there it looked like there might not be any more of these this year, but with Rajon Rondo out and the Boston Celtics playing like the team that finished in first place again, it's looking a lot more promising this morning. So enjoy the full run of emotions coming from the enemy camp - it's been a trying week, and we deserve a chuckle or two at their expense, especially after Rondo's, ah...stretch.


Go bulls!

Go bulls they are the best

go bulls, i don't even have to couch anything this time
still hate garpax though

Who actually thought this team could win the east and challenge the warriors in the west? Come on now.

Do I feel a 4-0 sweep of the #1 seed coming hmm maybe #seered #Bullsnation

I think bulls can sweep the Boston if they keep playing together

Bulls sweep in 4. Horford continues to get absolutely murdered in the paint by RoLo.

celtics fans shoul be weary.. they lose this game and its summer time fun for yall

If bull keep playing hot no chance for Boston to win

I understand Boston fans need something to blame it on... But you can't take credit away from the bulls... They been playing like they have something to prove

Five reason why Chicago will win tonight......

1 - Butler is the BEST player on the court.
2 - Mirotic will show up big time
3 - Wade is playing in front of his family & friends
4 - Fans will make it loud
5 - Everyone wants a Big Mac with their 100 point plus victory.

UC pretty empty. sad!

Still lots of empty seats
I know it’s at 6 PM start, but c’mon people.

Time for the Bulls to open that can of whoopazz!

The weird thing about this bipolar Bulls team is they will beat the Celtics and all their wins will be at the Garden

I respect Boston and their fans. A class franchise with a storied past. My bucket list includes a trip to the Garden just to feel that history.

You clearly weren't watching the last game when with 8 minutes left down by 11 the fans were leaving and booing their own team

There is no history, the original garden closed years ago, the current building is just a typical nba arena, no history to speak off, save yourself the trip.

In the NBA, teams up 2-0 have won the series 94% of the time. Sorry Boston.

Yes, we need Wade to be aggressive.

Celtics fans will be losing the taste of Green Kool-Aid after tonight.

mcw time

CHI showing heart while Celts are putting on the chokers and yanking hard and tight.

Celtics living up to the reputation of softest #1 seed ever, this was quite a pathetic 2nd quarter.


Dear Niko
Please STOP shooting those long ass threes.

Things are not looking good

Grant has been so bad

Boston will get cold. They only have 1 scorer on that team , the other guys right now are just acting like scorers....

HOiberg needs to grow some balls. YANK PLAYERS WHO DO NOT HAVE IT.

WTF is Jimmy doing?

rondo was a big part of those 2 wins. i dont know if they have enough talent to lose players and keep winning. celtics might be able to pull it off now that he is injured.

Typical Boston media that is little more than a fan club. No wonder Boston teams are so overrated and why Boston fans are so shocked when their teams lose.

.1 title in the last 30yrs lol...2008 was almost 10yrs ago.

Bulls look awful without Rondo. Out of sync

There is no fucking energy.lets go

Role players are suppose to be better at home

Carter williams
……in the flesh people. I wonder how many bad minutes he will give us tonight.

Can we get Snell back for MCW? I rather have an inconsistent Snell then nothing from MCW.

I've lambasted Denzel before, but at least give him some time.

0 assists in the Qtr from bulls.. "IF RONDO PLAYED" this would have been a SWEEP. These Celtics are really not that good.

Bulls are not playing to win
They’re relaxed and lackadaisical. When they trapped RoLo in the corner, everyone just stood there

Even if Boston wins this series, they are one of, if not, the most embarrassing 1 seeds. This should have been a sweep or 5 game series. Even if they make it out of the 1st round, Washington going to rip them a part.

If this continues, just give Wade a green light for 40 shots. Jimmy looks out of it.

How in the fuck does IT outjump McW
What a fuckin scrub

Just leave Smart wide open, treat him like we treated Gerald Wallace and Reggie Evans

ilegal screen?
Or MCW just didn’t see it?

Lol Ben Gordon lives

Gerald Green looks like one of the dragons from Dragontales

The Hoiberg defensive way reared it's ugly head tonight. Doesn't he tell these guys to contest threes during the timeouts.

why is Felicio still on the court in the 4th quarter especially with how well Lopez is playing.

You guys should not take any comfort from beating a team with their point guard injured. You might come back in this round but you not go any further.

Bulls blew a big chance to end this series now it's going to be a closer one.

Stevens left starters in to run up the score?
Bulls will remember that for Sunday.

Lets start thinking about Game 4
These Celtics are playing like there hair is on fire. Even the midget is crashing the boards.

Bulls will be more prepared for GG and playing w out Rondo next game. Lets just get thru this healthy.

This one is done.
What adjustments do we make for game 4? Does he dare start MCW? I hope not.

I just hope he doesn’t burn Jimmy out in the 2nd H thinking they can come back from this.

W/O Rondo its a free roam for IT and he’s getting his mates involved w open opportunities and they are making them.


Wade: Hey GarPax, I'm going to opt-out. If you want me back you have to give me another 2 yr deal.
GarPax: 2yrs, $50mil, done.

Bulls went back to their old ways on defense. I put some of this on Hoiberg with leaving Felicio out there he has added ZERO tonight.

"it's all that rondo was injured"
"let’s run it back! we’re one piece away"

Biggest question of this series: Will we ever hear a home crowd cheer?

Bulls are doomed without Rondo.

this is why jimmy will never be elite
he is shitty when its crunchtime

We lose one player, and we're back to square one
Although not surprised at all, it was too good to be true

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