CL Pod 015.5: Early Playoff impacts on Boston's summer plans

We're almost done with the first round of the NBA Playoffs - how could recent results change the Boston Celtics' team-building aspirations in the offseason?

This week's deep dive mid-week pod covers the potential impact of First Round NBA Playoff results on the Celtics' summer plans for free agency and trades. Luis Gonzalez and Topher Lane break down how recent struggles on and off the court have changed the outlook for players like Gordon Hayward, Jimmy Butler, Blake Griffin, Paul George, and several other likely Boston targets. While this was recorded before the recent news surrounding Larry Bird's resignation from the Indiana Pacers as President of Basketball Operations, the future of players like George, Butler, Griffin and others may have taken changes favorable to the Celts, while that success may have made the odds of signing Hayward and other players a little less likely. Tune in to hear their thoughts on how summer might play out now that we have an idea how at least some of the bigger fish in Boston's team-building plans may be looking at their future with their respective clubs.

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