CelticsLife Pod #12.5: Tanking - from a Lakers (fan) vs Celtics (fan) POV

If the blatant attempts of several teams around the league to get a better shot at the #1 pick in this year's NBA Draft is getting under your skin, or you just want to watch more competitive basketball come March and April, this pod should be right up your alley.

This week's deep dive podcast takes on a controversial topic (tanking) from the most oppositional camps we could come up with - Los Angeles Lakers versus Boston Celtics fandom - as ESPN's SportsNation and 82 Games alum Alton Labreque joins Justin Quinn to talk about the NBA Draft Lottery, the Lakers' and Celtics rebuilds in context, the "Process" and its legacy, and potential solutions to tanking along with a LOT more on the subject of incentivized losing and the power imbalances built into the draft.

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Images via WEEI and SilverScreenAndRoll.com
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