Can the media please stop putting a microphone in front of Lonzo Ball's father?

No one would know who I was if my son wasn't very good at basketball

Lonzo Ball is a very good young basketball player. He should go top two in this June's NBA draft. The Celtics should draft him if he's still on the board if Danny Ainge believes he has the best NBA future. The fact that his father is a moron shouldn't matter. This isn't high school where a pushy parent can be more of a nuisance than the player is worth. This is professional big money basketball. Lonzo Ball is the player, the only one that matters. Lavar Ball means nothing. The fact that the media keeps giving the father a stage to speak his nonsense is their fault. Lonzo shouldn't be punished for this.

Lavar Ball's opinion on anything doesn't matter at all. Who knows what Michael Jordan's father's opinions were. Or Shaq's father's. What Dell Curry says means nothing. Steph is the star NBA player. The press keeps putting a microphone in front of LaVar Bell and he keeps on saying dumb things. The latest was LaVar blaming UCLA's Sweet 16 loss on the Bruins counting on too many white players:
"Realistically you can't win no championship with three white guys because the foot speed is too slow," LaVar Ball told the Southern California News Group.

No idea what the "Southern California News Group" is, but ESPN and all the major media organizations ran with the quote. Just like they did when LaVar said that Lonzo was already better than Steph Curry. The same when Lavar said he (not his son who can actually ball, but the father who was a bum) would have beaten prime Michael Jordan 1-on-1. Not only is the media enabling by putting a mic in front of the elder Ball, but they are even putting him on TV and doing specials on him.

If you listen to LaVar, he tries to come off with the cockiness of a modern day Muhammad Ali. The big difference is when Ali talked about knocking someone out in round 3, he then personally knocked someone out in round 3. He had to back up his own words. LaVar is trying to live his sports dreams through his children.

LaVar will cease to be relevant once Lonzo is drafted. Lonzo will be the star with the guaranteed multi million dollar contract and endorsements. LaVar craves attention and trust me, he'll still continue to say ridiculous things on Twitter or in front of anybody that foolishly puts a mic in front of him, but at the end of the day an annoying NBA player's parent doesn't have a role. They are just noise. No GM drafts or cuts a player because of their parents. You can have the most involved pair of parents or you can have been raised by a single mom. Talent is what matters.

Dad could you please just shut up and let me live my life

At the end of the day once you make the NBA, you're considered your own man. Lonzo Ball is no different (in a negative way) than the other top 4 NBA prospects Markelle Fultz, Jayson Tatum, and Josh Jackson. He's only made to look different because the media keeps interviewing his father. Could be this mother, brother, grandmother, dentist, 2nd grate teacher. None of them matter. Stop giving LaVar a platform. He's like a troll in our comment section or shout box. Stop feeding the troll. Lonzo is the star. Lonzo is the story. LaVar had his shot years ago and couldn't cut it. He's irrelevant.

Lonzo Ball's dad LaVar averaged a whole 2 points per game in college