We're hosting a mailbag podcast, and we want to hear from YOU

We're hosting a mailbag podcast this week, and we want to hear from YOU.

Have questions about the playoff race? The scads of choices available in the 2017 NBA Draft? What next year's roster might look like? Or maybe how the new Collective Bargaining Agreement will affect the Boston Celtics? Pissed off about something the Celts have (not) been doing? About something WE have (not) been doing? Here's your chance to fifteen seconds of fame - let us know how you really feel.

We'll read your questions on-air, and give you our best answers to even your worst questions (if they aren't serious, make sure they are funny!), so ask away; we'll have the mid-week pod up Wednesday night or Thursday with replies for your listening pleasure and education, if we may be so bold. Just log onto Twitter, and reply to our mailbag call, or use the hashtag #CelticsLifePodcast - or, if you don't use the Twitter, just leave them in the comment section below!

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