The Celtics' impressive passing was on display yesterday

One of the best passing teams in the league was on display yet again last night. Although the Celtics didn't even reach their season average of 24.8 assists, the general ball movement and hockey assists were impressive in Sunday's win over the Bulls.

In case you missed the sequence of Isaiah Thomas finding Jae Crowder with a volleyball bump pass and then Crowder hitting a cutting Avery Bradley with a zip pass, here it is:

It was even more impressive when Crowder made an off-balance, full-court touchdown pass to Bradley while falling out of bounds:

To emphasize the degree of difficulty here, it deserves another angle:

Hey Cleveland, even New England's basketball players have better quarterbacks than the Browns!

These kinds of passes should hint at where Boston's chemistry is at right now. Some teams cannot even run a simple set without throwing the ball into the stands when their teammate unexpectedly cuts, but here are the Celtics making tip passes and full-court bombs that are leading to buckets. It is surely an encouraging sign.

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Photo screenshotted from @NBA's tweeted video