Larry Sanders has offers from multiple teams and is mulling his options

Former Milwaukee Bucks big man Larry Sanders is inching ever-so-slowly towards an NBA return. Apparently at this point Sanders has offers from multiple teams and we might find out his landing spot sooner rather than later:

Sanders worked out for the Celtics back in late January , but reports came out shortly thereafter that the C's were not overly impressed with what they saw:

But earlier this week Sanders dropped a snapchat with him rocking a Celtics workout jersey, so either he used a picture from that workout or he's been back in Boston recently for another go:

Odds are he's looking to link up with a contending team, and if the Celtics were looking to add him they'd have more to spend than any team in the mix for a deep playoff run besides the Utah Jazz and the Houston Rockets. With Andrew Bogut breaking his ankle minutes into his first game with Cleveland they might be desperate to add some front-line help with Kevin Love out for the foreseeable future.

While I'm intrigued by Sanders, and certainly on paper her fills some holes for the Celtics in terms of rebounding and shot-blocking, the guy hasn't played NBA ball in over two years. I don't expect him to just come right in and be that same player again right away, and if those reports that the Celtics weren't overly impressed with him the first go-round in January I don't expect Danny Ainge to jettison any of his young guys for Sanders after the comments he made about feeling content with this roster after the trade deadline.

However if Ainge could get Sanders to commit to another season at low money as part of the deal you could certainly talk me into a Sanders acquisition making a lot of sense. Clearly Larry is getting ready to go so expect a decision on his end soon:

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