Green Envy: What Wizards fans said - 3/20/17

The Celtics took care of business tonight in Boston, and if you go by the Wizards fan's reactions you'd think they watched a funeral on live TV. We had the full bag of tricks tonight with some excuses being made (wait which team was on a back-to-back?), Wiz fans crushing their best player, and the League Pass folks bitching about Tommy and his completely unbiased and objective thoughts on the game. The trifecta! Also Wiz fans have surrendered the #2 seed to the Celtics, so I guess it's time to focus on chasing down Bron Bron.

Top Three:

Anyone know who’s this awful person i’m listening to on the celtics feed?? seriously, it’s like they have just randomly picked a fan off the crowd.
Is it Tommy Heisohn?

John "I don't take games off" Wall
He looks like the guy who clearly wanted to call out of work, but couldn't cuz he got bills to pay.

One thing u can bet your life on, when the stakes get high and the lights bright, DC teams wilt. Every sport, every time.

Wiz fans crying that they are soooo tired from the schedule (except one guy):

I think they're completely shot, mentally and physically drained.

Physiology 101 guys. They just don't have it. No gas in the tank. Completely empty.

I worry that they don’t have enough gas in tank at this point, though. Just need to focus on getting the #3 seed.

Terrible scheduling by the NBA honestly. Why are we playing 18 games in 1 month with 5 back to backs?

Take John out. He’s either injured or exhausted or both.

The first half of the season I kept wondering where the hell all of our B2B were.

I know, no excuses but our starters are clearly gassed

This is our 12th game in the last 20 days ...and our starters are still playing BIG minutes, AND it’s a road game, AND it’s in Boston, AND they’re probably still seething over the last win.Not a chance in the world tonight guys. Sorry.
11 games in 21 days for Cs and they played last night

Full Slate:

Still waiting on Scottie to return from ASB. He went from a COTY candidate to invasion of the Randy snatchers.

Honestly, I don't really care about the 2 seed. I want to beat Boston, because, quite simply, just F Boston.

Even if we start out strong (possible), we will fade late, but I’m thinking more like this will be a blowout early.
what the hell kind of attitude is that ?
A realistic one.

Horford probably gonna dominate tbh

fuck you Isaiah Thomas youre trash. I love hearing bostons commentators shit verbal diarrhea about him
hes not trash tho

The Don is in attendance. Just in case Jae Crowder tries to act up.

Heinsohn, hands down the worst color commentator in the league

jennings garbage jumper
money in 2k though
what, 2k12?

for a guy w/ the last name smart, he plays dumb a lot. Also he looks like big baby davis
looks like a mix of gucci mane and a fat brock lesnar

Throw in Mac to get in a scuffle with IT so he gets a second T. Small price to pay for a W.

bet you jennings gets ejected somehow, his body looked like a gun as he fell down

Jennings is a punk, But he giving JW a few minutes extra of rest so idgaf

I'm considering muting the game so Heinsohn will finally shut his spastic ass mouth

Olynyk is facefucking our frntcourt

Still waiting on John to realize that this is a game and not practice...

John has been embarrassingly bad

Looks like Jennings has been better than Wall today. Smh.

We’re getting out-rebounded by the freakin’ CELTICS… by double digits, I believe. That’s pathetic.

We're so soft

is Otto Porter a player?

Boston's commitment to defense is what separates them from us honestly

It's pretty obvious John is injured

Wall's defense has been horrendous since the allstar break.
thats because he plays that matador/James Harden/reach around defense....

Should have known this game was going to go like this

I get a chance to watch this game on TV via csnne and have to listen to these old crusty dbags act like the current Celtics are the same as the team from the 80s.

Looking like we may get the 4th seed honestly

Lol wall playing like this its over man

Celtics are NOT better than us. You just can't tell that right now for obvious (at least obvious to me) reasons.

I think we could sweep these guys in a seven-game series, all things being equal. Of course if you’ve basing opinions off this game, I sound crazy.
Lol must be delusional buddy

they are definitely better. they’ve had injuries all season and still have a better record than us

Yip, wrap this shit's done.

Game turned off.

Go be celtics fans if yall wanna keep talking down on the face of this organization. We only want the loyal ones.

Literally everyone on the Celtics can shoot threes. Must be nice.

All the bs talk abt us being the 2nd best in the East

Welp, hang on for dear life to the #3 seed, I guess

Let IT get an offensive board im done!! Lmao

Sometimes you can just feel a comeback, but certainly doesn't feel like that tonight.

Just back from the gym. So what did I miss ? Yikes

Aww yeah. Fake comeback time.
Jennings brought that sh*t over from the Knicks.


20 offensive rebounds for BOS ? wow

rather keep Jennings than Wall

Starters always kill whatever work the bench puts in, ALWAYS.

i hate these fake comebacks

anyone else see beal walked over to the celtics side and sort of hugged crowder?

I blame this on Wall

This team still going to ECF, although you can't tell it from tonight.
Get outta here with that shit

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