Green Envy: What Warriors fans said - 3/8/17

The Celtics went into Oracle Arena Wednesday night with a full bid of health (sorry James Young) and hung around long enough against the Warriors to beat the snot out of them at the end of what was a tough back-and-forth game until the 4th quarter rolled around. The "Splash Brothers" were more of a slow drip as they combined to shoot 4 of 17 from the outside, and when the going got tough late the Golden State fans cleared out of that arena at a speed that would rival Jesse Owens in his prime.

Top Three:

Wait a sec. Aren’t Bradley and Horford supposed to be injured?

Zaza makes me miss pre-syphilis Biedrins.

I would fire Kerr on the spot, blow up the team with this performance
Pull it together man.

Olynyk is a tough spell:

Olinick looks like he should be doing a GEICO commercial

wow, no answer for this Olynik guy

they did not go God mode
Olynk did

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If Curry doesn't show up for this one, I sense a loss in this game. He needs to drop 30 on good eff.
Kerr just needs to pull his head out of his ass and put him on the ball more.

Maybe we'll run more PnR sets with Isiah out there tonight. Some seem to suggest he is really bad at defending it.

Should be a cracking game, I'm expecting big scoring if your throwing a bet on. Take the overs.

if steph, klay & draymond can't handle this little guy then I just don't know what to say

Remember those IT – Curry duels circa 2013? Who woulda thunk those were two MVPs sparring?

David West really makes me miss David Lee.

We need to get Curry his shots. I can't believe after all these years Curry still couldn't get to his spots against Boston
This isn't the 2013/14 Celtics you do realise?

Lee was notorious for the pussy push in the lower back for an easy and one tho.

Draymond "Room Service" Green

Only thing worse than turnovers are Bob Fitzgerald blaming it on the schedule.

Olynyk's been a factor.
I hate his pubic hair goatee and face.

year three and Kerr has yet to find a lineup that works without steph.

BOS passing is carving us up tonight, they look like us actually

steve kerr waving the white flag after 3rd.

Feelin' like a Playoff game

Why's Curry talking smack to Jaylen Brown doe?

Curry ain't afraid!!!! He gets the shot off, makes the shot and gets in your face.

Wonder what he said to Curry. Not often see Curry flat out taunt at another guy like that

Gotta hand it to Boston, their defence is excellent. I hope they trounce the Cavs in the playoffs.

Reminder, Kerr played Varejao's corpse game 7 of the Finals.

Steve Kerr watching Boston man handling Curry all game and he doesn't care. No timeout and wild lineups. great

Gotta love Iguodala walking the ball up the court and then the lazy pass.

Why take them out Kerr? They deserve to eat this **** loss.

meltdown City

Bye 1st seed

i’m embarrassed for this team

Its going to be interesting to see how this team responds to this crushing defeat.

Boston came to fight, we didn't. Props to them.

Of course celtics play this kind of game agaisnt us. lose to suns, get destroyed by clippers…But go God mode against Us

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