Green Envy: What Pacers fans said - 3/22

Even though it wasn't pretty, Boston was able to complete the sweep against the Pacers. Indy fans didn't seem all that interested in discussing this year's team, not a whole lot of activity when compared to other teams. It seems that the Pacers fan base really hate having to see Monta Ellis play so much, to go along with the looming fear of losing Paul George.

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This game is a win win. If we win we win. If we lose we extend our league leading, impressive streak of alternating w/l.

Please tell the Celtic fans to stop booing Paul. I hear he's the future of their franchise.
No, SMAAAAAAHT is the future of the Celtics.

These are the kinds of games that make the possibility of losing PG seem very, very real.

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Any good game day predictions? I'm going with IT dropping 40 but the Pacers win due to excess Gravy in their veins.

I can see Teague having a monster game because ITs defense is so bad.

Would be nice to shake the alternating wins/losses trend tonight against a potential round 1 opponent. PG got fired up in the second half's hoping he can keep it going.

If they want to finally stop this WLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWLWL madness, now's the time!

I think I prefer the boring 1st quarter before Tommy Heinsohn got pumped up by that last Celt basket.

So tonight it's 3 point shooting that will beat them. Always fun trying to figure out which fatal flaw will take away a road win.

12 first-half steals and we're down by 7 at half. Dumb

Let's keep matching 3's with 2’s. Just wanna see how that goes.

PG heating up.

How was that not over the back?

Pretty uninspired so far.

The Lavoy-Jefferson frontcourt is way too slow.

PG is at 30 min now. The Pacers may need him to play 40 if they want to win.

39 point quarter for Boston

They are killing us from the baseline, Al is too slow and wheres is Myles?

Myles Turner looks straight up terrified to shoot from any distance.

Sure Nate.Just keep at it. I’m certain it will work eventually with Al and Lavoy.

Calling it on the last post game thread. We are going to lose this cos we won the last game
Teague going to work

I don't understand the decision to keep Monta in. Things work better with Miles in almost ever area.

That was weird, did Nate call timeout and the refs waited forever to blow the whistle? Paul had an easy bucket there

Good lord! Why is Ellis in the game.

Anybody have any ideas as to why Myles' shot has been broken lately?

Miles would have helped with the spacing a heck of a lot more than Monta did this quarter.

Monta Ellis is just flat out dog sh*t. He literally does nothing great, and does a lot f**king horribly. Please for the love of Christ stop playing him. I swear you'll see a much more competitive team.

Maybe that Myles 3 will make him a beast again.

Too little too late it seems

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