Green Envy: What Lakers fans said, 3/3

The rivalry between the Celtics and Lakers may not have the same meaning today as it once did, but it is always nice to embarrass the purple and gold on their home floor. After grinding out a key victory against Cleveland, Brad Stevens had his team well prepared for the first of their five game West Coast trip. Let's take a look at what the fans had to say:

Top Three

From the depths of second hell, aka Boston, Isaiah Thomas and those who we do not speak of arrive for their sole visit of 2017. Like a plague that creeps through the shadow, the green clovers make their way towards STAPLES. Leonitus Walton and the budding lads helm the way for a new rivalry to unfold.

If we're going to win another one or two more this year it would be great for it to be this one.

lol, Magic ain't saving this mess. Team really puts the "L" in laker.

Best of the Rest

I'm #TeamTank but With Magic coming in and this game being at Staples, a win here would be huge for the team morale.

I want the W, screw the tank. Never rooting for an L against the Celtics.

Celtics raining 3s.

Great, an Amir Johnson career night brewing. Only fitting he's from LA too.

JC going to go and try Hero Ball mark my words on this one lol

Sometimes I wonder if Randle is the bastard child of Kwame and Lamar.

A matchup of the great white-hopes: Zu vs Kelly.

I said it to my mate if Celtics can get a 2nd scorer to help IT. they'll be in contention for 1st place and maybe even wipe out cavs. They are good right now but could be excellent with a 2nd go to guy

we're beyond terrible. it's like when someone asks you how your day was, you'd say: oh i am having an extremely Lakers day. we're just that bad.

At least the Suns are winning by 6 with 1 min left…


this is dlo's time to show some leadership..ur team is getting hammered. take over this game and lead this team to a comeback.

Wanted the W, but on the bright side Suns are winning by 5 with 30 seconds left and the Magic won lol.

If we don't keep our pick we're so screwed.

After one of the better games of the season you follow it up with... this. The Lakers are consistently inconsistent. A positive to this game is there is only one half left ha.

Hrm, Lakers down by 25 and counting eh? Guess I'm making a visit to the dispensary.
losing by 30 at home to boston in showtime throwbacks. what a disgrace. they should have to wear d-fenders uniforms.

5 fouls and zero shots for Ingram.

SOFT LIKE CHARMIN. I gave up this team few months ago but still its disgrace to not even trying against Celtics. But yes this is a product of tank. You become used to losing. This team is exactly like that at the moment. I just hope Celtics will stop in 2nd half and not crush us with 50 points

Celtic fans in our house making their presence felt.

It really pisses me off knowing that this Boston team is going to get to add either Fultz or Ball smh

What does this team practice?

This is so bad lol. Might have to check out soon, my eyes hurt from watching this.

Suns win, 76ers win, down by 30... tank Game strong.

If they're toying with us, will someone on our team send at least a little message?

boston a-holes are trying to clown us now. Not happy.

Magic after this game be like "everyone is on notice.” Can't lose to the Celtics like this and not get away with it.

Yeah this comeback is against the Celtics 2nd unit...but this is what happens when just play the game hard.Now Stevens is gonna comeback with his starting 5...we just have play the same...just compete is all we want to see

Stevens not even playing IT. That's how confident he is.

Starters come in and secure the tank. I'm disappointed, but happy.
Luke insures the L stays in reach...that 2nd unit cut it to 13 and that scared the s--t outta him so he inserts 4 starters.

Yikes that play by Randle where he went 1 on 4 when everyone was open. I saw the coaching staff start shaking their head lol.

Brown can jump a little

wow....that was a play by Brown

oh god.. Jaylen Brown is about to considered a steal compared to Ingram

I like Brown, but he's also the beneficiary of good looks generated by the Celtics players. Helps to have guys like IT and Horford attracting defenders.

this team killing us is gonna make the playoffs and have the #1 pick

Celtics sweep Lakers in regular-season series for first time since 2007-08 season.

just go over the and run the simulation...usually makes me feel better

We didnt play well tonight guys- Magic.

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