Green Envy: What Heat fans said - 3/26

The group of Heat fans posting on their team's forum were saltier than the Dead Sea after they witnessed their team blow an early 15-point lead and lose to the Celtics by four. From the accused flopping to the "NBA is rigged" claims, Miami brought their A game to the comment section. Here's some of the best.

Top Three

Referring to Jae Crowder (I think...):
This crowd guy is going to miss a free throw

After Isaiah's tough layup over Whiteside:
That would've been a block if Whiteside didn't clip his nails.

JJ's transformation really is amazing.
He (James Johnson) truly does look like LeBron at times if LeBron’s brain wasn’t a computer.

Oscars or NBA game?

Heat fans were apparently expecting a lot of acting in this one and, go figure, they talked about that perhaps more than the game itself:

(cc: the Marcus Smart flop comment under the next section)

aaand the flops.


We just lost to a smart flop? Do refs even prep for games anymore? It seems like they just go out for dinner get **** faced and come directly to ref.

I had to rewind to look at that flop and omg that was disgraceful.

lol boston flopping for points. pathetic. Sad

The (not very) Smart hatred

i don't think there's a player i absolutely despise more than marcus smart

I don't like Marcus Smart

I expect many Marcus Smart flops

Whining about officials and...a rigged NBA?

NBA refs phucked us with that bs goal tending call

NBA officiating has hit rock bottom this season

Boston whined and they got a very technical bs call.

Refs phucked us

Lmao we got swindled.

Lol Ref trying to fix the game as much as possible. They are reviewing that? Lol

Wow. Embarrassing officiating.

Phucking NBA refs

18,000 fans in Boston garden....
nba probably wants a close game….
imagine +20 for Heat at the end of the 3rd Q.
ppl start leaving… hot dogs sale – down…. commercials on tv – seen by less ppl …. etc…

Yes! The NBA did indeed rig the game to ensure that hot dog sales in TD Garden wouldn't take a hit! By the way, there was plently of other chatter about the league being rigged, but I will spare you.

Full Slate

Goran 'F*****g Brick' Dragic
Come on Goran!!! Wake up!!!

The return of the dreaded turd quarter

DOUBLE DRIBLLE BY OLINYK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- That's an extremely excessive amount of exclamation points, my good sir.

IT stays throwing his arm all over the place.

Someone needs to block that midget when he drives to the basket

this team doesnt deserve the #1 seed. cant believe this boston team is about to be #1 in the east. lol at cavaliers.

Hassan can't even rebound correctly LOL

I hate that team so much

L for........ LEARNING EXPERIENCE,......................................................

- I'm gonna go ahead and assume that this post was work of our punctuation fanatic from earlier.

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