Green Envy: What Bulls fans said - 3/12/17

The Chicago Bulls walked into the TD Garden and subsequently were beaten into submission by the Boston Celtics on national TV. So of course here at CelticsLife we thought the best compliment to a big C's victory was to go check in with Bulls fans to see just how bad the burn of defeat is. Per usual, we were not disappointed.

Top Three:

Celtics starters and rotations are run by a coach, Brad Stevens. Bulls starters and rotations will be handled by Hoiberg.

I see Butler. Do we have 4 other players out there on the floor?

Hmm would Boston do Jaylen Brown for Butler straight up? Or is his market Jonas Jerebko + Tyler Zeller nowadays?

No Love for coach Fred:

"We just need to get out of the gate faster." - Fred Hoiberg. Write it as his epitaph.

Hubie could take off his headset, walk over to our bench and starting coaching this team better than Fred with no prep.

Fred's out of control. He's an absolute moron.

Haha, announcer just said, "Hoiberg tinkered with the lineup and found something" Hilarious stuff!

Just send off Hoiberg and let Rondo do his job, would do wonders imo

Full Slate:

I don't expect many more wins this season, and certainly not today. Stranger things have happened but that would not be the way to bet.

This game will let us know if the Bulls are forreal or not. I predict we win on national tv and show some life to make a push for Playoffs. Butler breaks out of slump today.
lol. For real? push for the playoffs?

I can't stand IT lately. So I really hope we win this one

Bulls are for real. Fo realz average.

Well, another game I have an opportunity to sit and watch, and I'm electing to do other things.

Bulls TV ratings on the plunge, what a surprise. Next up, 15 minutes on Cam Payne's hair.

OMG this is embarrassinggggggggggggggggggggg

Portis replacing Taj was the ultimate tank move.

Wade has to be counting the days till he can leave lol

Bulls just set an NBA record. Longest time in a game without hitting the rim... they have noit hit the rim in almost 5 minutes of game. Unreal.

40 point blowout coming

The bulls are really missing a golden opportunity to have a sponsorship by a liquor company.


Get Rondo in there.

This season is over, see no reason to watch the game(s)

We scored!

Grant with a Shaqtin pass to Lopez


This is not the same Jimmy

Jimmy is done.... he obviously has checked out a few games ago. He knows it's hopeless and life without hope is not life at all.

The rotations are crazy. How many coaches would play Lavergne over Shirley?

Bulls are 3 minutes away from just scoring a total of 4 points in the first quarter.

What's the record for fewest points in a quarter?

This is drinking game ugly. If I took a shot for every awful possession I'd be dead drunk already.

Already with the idiot rotations

Hoiberg should be fired at half time if they only score 4 points in the 1st quarter.

Someone needs to check what the worst shooting % is for a quarter in NBA history. The Bulls are 1 for 17 right now.

Tell me Hoiberg drew that play up in the TO. What a farce of a coach.

Hubie just annihilating Holberg's offense.

Nice to see Fred with emotions at the sideline, screaming to his players what to do...oh wait the Bulls were 6th in the standings just a week ago right???

"Why" is a word you find yourself asking a lot when evaluating pretty much everything the Bulls done the last few years.

If we're gonna lose, let's lose big and draw more attention to this **** team

Is Portis more drunk than I am?!?

Brown is progressing faster than originally throught. No way Boston does a trade involving Brown now.

Look at Celtics spacing all 4 guys stand spread out on the arc while IT goes to work. Then on our end, you have 4 guys just running around pointlessly, getting in each other's way, not getting open, not spacing.

Just tuned in and tuned away

Didn't they say at the start that Fred told the ABC guys he would 'tighten the rotation' today? What a dope.

This is the training film for, "Quiting, or How to get your head coach fired"

Who would rather have Jaylen Brown and Nets pick vs. Butler? I would. A fan can live on hope, but he can't live on what I'm seeing tonight.

Wonder how long before Jimmy starts making noise about wanting out. It would hurt his value and our leverage, but can't imagine he wants in on more years of this 'vision'.

"You get what you deserve in this league." - Thibs

jalen rose first sentence in regards to the bulls, "the game is too hard when you cant shoot."

Do they crack 60 tonight?

Even when Payne is making shots I don't like him.

Even Boston is bored at this point, won this game by halftime.

More games on TNT please.

Dwayne Wade is so finished

I haven't been able to see many games unless there on national TV and thank God I haven't we are terrible.

Why is Jimmy still in the game? We're down 30 and have a game tomorrow night.

No heart, no balls and no talent.

Get this Freakin Payne to my eyes off the court

Is there any website where I can bet Bulls wont make playoffs? Man I would be willing to bet 1 k.

Rondo is literally standing up having a conversation with a fan across the court lol

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