Did we see the smallest jump ball in NBA history last night?

Even in last night's debilitating defeat at the hands of the Phoenix Suns the Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas continued to make history on the basketball court. This time he was a part of what has to be the smallest jump ball in NBA history. Squaring up at center court with 5'9 Tyler Ulis after Isaiah wrapped him up diving near mid-court on a ball that got away from the rookie point guard:

The two of them were clearly amused with the situation and the Suns fans in attendance surely got a kick out of seeing two of the smallest players in NBA history jump it up. In fact there's only been 25 players in NBA history at their height (5'9) or less; although today besides Thomas and Ulis there is another player in the NBA listed at 5'9 - Cleveland Cavaliers rookie point guard Kay Fielder. There's been a handful of very successful small guys in NBA history: Spud Webb (5'7), Earl Boykins (5'5), our old pal Nate Robinson (5'9), the smallest of them all Muggsy Bogues (5'3), and NBA Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy (5,9) to name a few of the best.

Thomas' emergence since joining the Celtics might have been a factor for both the Suns and the Cavs to take a flier on both Ulis and Fielder in the 2nd round of last years draft as clearly smaller guards can thrive in the NBA today. Former Celtic and teammate of Thomas' Evan Turner hopes that jump ball is featured on Isaiah's career highlights someday:

Although Isaiah won that battle he ultimately lost the night to Ulis after the the Suns point guard knocked down the game-winner off a turnover that falls somewhere between Thomas and Jae Crowder.

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