Countdown to the NBA draft: Boston 2017 second-round edition

First things first, a reminder this series is a collaboration with the CelticsLife hive-mind, where we use our collective abilities and interest to take deep dives into the sea of prospective talent available to be selected by the Boston Celtics at any of the six potential spots the club may have the choice at selecting from. We provide you with four options (and the ability to write in suggestions) with a Twitter poll, the winner of which will get extended analysis colored by whatever facts, stats, video or other evidence you help source.

With that out of the way, this week we move a little closer to the top as we move in reverse order to one of the least likely - though technically possible - positions in the draft the Celtics have at their disposal this summer, their own second-round pick. This selection would only happen if the pick was not conveyed to the Brooklyn Nets as part of the requirements for getting the Nets first-round pick in the swap that former manager Billy King was kind enough to arrange in 2013. In case that's not clear, the only way this happens is if Boston decides to keep its own first round pick instead of the top 5 pick they will get from the Nets. As unlikely as that sounds - and it's REALLY unlikely - a draft-night deal could conceivably need salary moved to or from a team with cap space like Brooklyn has - or a player like Brook Lopez to be included - to get the deal done.

So, as unlikely as that may be, we'll do our due diligence and cover ALL possible moves available to the Celts, so let's take a look at some of the candidates who will potentially be on the radar and still unsigned in the 53rd to 57th pick range, where the Celtics' own pick projects to land at the moment. Keep in mind that for any selection past the mid-point of the second round that high-risk, high-reward selections may be the wisest choices, given how rarely players taken this late pan out.


Peter Jok - Iowa
While his age (22) has depressed his stock, his size (6'6, 200 llbs.) for a shooting guard coupled with aptitude as a solid scorer (.423 overall and .371 from three for 19.8 points per game) with ability to distribute (2.6 per game) have positioned him as a fringe second-rounder who projects as high as a quality rotation player to borderline starter at the next level. Did I mention he's Manute Bol's nephew?

Chris Boucher - Oregon
Boucher's huge (7'3) wingspan and elite athleticism show a lot of potential as a rim protector, should he be able to bulk up enough to play in an NBA frontcourt. He is able to space the floor at the college level, shooting a respectable 35.4 % from deep, but poor free throw shooting (under 60%) and mediocre rebounding (just over 6 per game) point to warts that have kept him relatively low on most mocks.

Jonah Bolden - Radnicki Basket
A former UCLA Bruin, Bolden chose to play overseas this last year, and so far, it's paid off. The power forward's been putting up about six boards and ten points per game, shooting a healthy 38% from three-point range.

Luke Kornet - Vanderbilt
A true seven-foot rim protector with a functional outside shot, Kornet would be rated much higher if not for the recent struggles he's had with perimeter shooting (he dropped from 40% last season to only 28% this year) and his ongoing struggles as a rebounder - about 6 per game.

So, who should Boston choose with the BOS 2017 second-round pick, should they have a reason to keep it? One of these four? Someone else? Take the poll, and let us know your thoughts (preferably with evidence of some sort) of who the Celts should take, and we'll get back to you with the results later this week.

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