Celtics starters have been elite since the All-Star break

Raise your hand if you are a top-three lineup in the NBA since the All-Star break!

Despite a 5-5 record, Celtics starters have been playing very well as a unit over the 10 games following All-Star weekend. The usual starting five of Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson, and Al Horford have been effective to the point where they are a top-three lineup in the league since the break:

On top of this, that lineup is fourth in both true shooting and effective field goal percentage over that time (out of the lineups with at least 50 minutes played).

Even when Avery Bradley has been replaced with Jaylen Brown, the starters still have produced at a high rate: 112.4 OFFRTG, 84.1 DEFRTG, 28.3 NETRTG. This is taken from a smaller sample size, but these are strong numbers nonetheless.

Brown has been able to solidify a real role on this playoff team. One of his major concerns coming out of college - his shooting ability - has perhaps been one of his best strengths lately:

Compared to other rookies averaging more than 10 points since the All-Star break, Brown is shooting better than any small forward or guard:

I don't know if anyone expected the rookie to be this impactful this early in his career. I certainly was skeptical when we drafted him but he continues to prove me wrong again and again.

Look, I know it may not carry much weight since it's not translating to a high win percentage, but Boston's starters have been one of the best in the league since the All-Star break.

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