Video: Jaylen Brown takes us inside his rookie campaign

It appears Jaylen Brown will be releasing a docuseries of sorts. There isn't much, if any information out there really about this video but the "episode" tag creates the assumption there will be more.

In the video you see many sides of Jaylen. First his work ethic which he displays by his early morning gym session, parking in Brad Steven's spot (careful rook). Then his fun side where he is shown playfully rapping with Jae Crowder and getting on stage at YG concert. He finishes by showing his love for the game with his intense viewing of the WNBA finals.

He also takes some time to discuss his growing love for the city of Boston and its passionate fans.

Still many questions to asked. How frequent will videos be posted? Will this be a rookie campaign thing or stretch throughout his career? For now we can just sit back and enjoy.

Photo Credit: AP Photos

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