Tom Brady to Isaiah Thomas after winning fifth Super Bowl: 'It's your turn next'

The City of Champions. The city with 10 parades over the last 15 years. The city where fellow sports organizations unite together and become one intertwined sports culture.

This Boston sports unity was only further emphasized on Super Bowl Sunday. For Celtic fans, Paul Pierce's final go at TD Garden was an amazing prelude for the Patriots' epic triumph later in the day. The mutual love shown between both him and the fans demonstrated the power of sports in this city.

What I found really awesome though was how Pierce was rocking Pats gear all day and continuously tweeting out support for New England as they tried for their fifth title:

Meanwhile in a whole other sports realm, former (ugh) Red Sox star David Ortiz was hyped up for the Pats (or as Big Papi often calls them, 'Pat'):

Keep in mind that Pierce was born in California and Ortiz was born in the Dominican Republic. Playing in Boston for the bulk of their careers created a connection to Boston sports culture for life. Even Al Horford said that he was rooting for New England over Atlanta, despite playing in Atlanta for all nine years of his career before coming to the Celtics. The way teams and players support one another in this city is so cool.

Brady returned the favor Sunday night after winning one for the thumb. The best QB of all time texted Isaiah Thomas, saying that it's their turn to win a title:

Isaiah, who is from Washington, is already embracing the beauty of Boston sports. He was standing sideline at the Patriots' playoff game against the Texans while wearing a Brady jersey a couple of weeks ago.'s Taylor C. Snow gave us the inside details on Isaiah's relationship with his pal Tom Brady:

The Celtics' star point guard has recently formed a friendship with Brady, and the two have become regular texting buddies. Thomas was quick to send the four-time Super Bowl MVP a congratulatory message right after Sunday’s game, and he immediately received a thankful response – along with a motivational note – in return.

“I texted Brady and right after he texted me, and he said, ‘It’s not over till it’s over,’” relayed Thomas, who celebrated his 28th birthday Tuesday. “He was just proud of his teammates. That's what he texted back, that he was proud of the team, proud of the city. No one gave up and they just kept fighting.

“Then he was like, ‘It’s your turn next.’ So now he’s putting the pressure on us, but hopefully we can make something happen.”

I don't care what anyone says -- there is nothing like Boston sports.

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