Terrence Jones, Pelicans looking for trade after Cousins deal - should Boston call?

Terrence Jones is looking to relocate in the wake of the DeMarcus Cousins trade, and the Pelicans are willing to oblige him, should a willing partner be available.

Jones, a former University of Kentucky product taken 18th in the 2012 NBA Draft by the Houston Rockets, saw a promising start to his career hampered by freak injuries. Scoring 36 points in his sophomore season, Terrence looked poised to have a breakout year, only to see an inflamed nerve sideline him for nearly half of the following season. A series of minor injuries and accidents would see Clint Capela leapfrog him in the rotation his fourth year in the league, leading to his signing with the New Orleans Pelicans on a bargain deal - just a hair over a million, and just one season.

It's safe to assume that Jones took the small deal - nearly half what he made his last year in Houston - to get to a squad who would feature him, or at least give him heavy minutes, so he could rehab his value while still young (currently in his fifth season, he's only 25). Able to play either frontcourt position, it soon became clear that opportunity ceased to exist the moment the Sacramento Kings traded Cousins to play alongside Anthony Davis, both flexible bigs who will probably see the lion's share of frontcourt minutes. Jones' agent and the front office reached an agreement to move Terrence as soon as a worthwhile partner appeared.

Here's where the Boston Celtics come in (as they so often do this season); what Jones does well, the Celts need (rebound, block shots, score). Terrence is playing about 24 minutes per game with the Pels, putting up 11.5 points, 5.9 boards, and just under a block per game. He's mobile, a decent defender away from the basket, and can shoot well enough that defenders will at least think about sagging off of him (.299 from three career, though he's hit .351 with significant attempts). He's young, has no injury history likely to recur, positionally flexible, cheap with no long-term salary commitment, and trying to play his way into a bigger deal - basically, a Danny Ainge Reclamation (™) par excellence. Better still, he'd probably be available for as little as James Young and one of the heavily-protected second rounders Boston will only end up cutting anyway (cash would have to be added on the Pels side to make it CBA legal).

So, what do you think, CelticsLife readers? Could this be the next great Trader Danny steal? or would it be a mistake to get involved with a small move when every asset might be the difference between Jimmy Butler in green - or another night of  him beating the Celts at the charity stripe? Let us know in the Twitter poll, or in the comments section below.

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