Report: Celtics showing 'deep interest' in P.J. Tucker

I know none of you are too excited to see P.J. Tucker, a 31-year-old wing player averaging seven points and six boards per game for the Phoenix Suns, pop up in Celtics trade rumors. Hearing less sexy names like this really tug down on our expectations and remind us that Danny Ainge may not make any big moves at this Thursday's trade deadline.

Tucker is in the middle of the final year of his contract, so Boston would be pursuing him as a rental for the rest of this season. Either that or Ainge has a more intricate plan that involves a player like Tucker or his $5.3 million contract.

The 6'6" versatile forward could provide a reliable service off the bench for Brad Stevens. He is a good rebounder and can pose a solid threat from the perimeter with his 34% career three-point shooting. He brings a degree of grit and physicality, something the Celtics value.

It is unclear what the asking price is for Tucker, but it appears that it may be somewhat high. Phoenix reportedly declined offers from the Clippers and the Cavaliers because they wanted a first-round draft pick for their 31-year-old bench player. Surely the Suns will be more open to cheaper offers as the deadline approaches and they realize his true value.

Again, landing P.J. Tucker instead of Jimmy Butler or Paul George would be a letdown to many fans who are all in on the trade hype. But in reality, we should remember that getting a superstar is still a longshot and that adding role players like Tucker is much much more likely.

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Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images North America