Paul Pierce/Draymond Green: the NBA's newest feud?

Draymond Green got caught on national television, well, being Draymond to Paul Pierce:

Green laid into Pierce, saying:

“Chasing that farewell tour, they don’t love you like that, you can’t get that farewell tour, they don’t love you like that, you thought you was Kobe?”

in the midst of a 123-113 victory over Pierce's Los Angeles Clippers by his Golden State Warriors. Whether this is just the trash that comes out of Draymond's mouth in the heat of the battle, or some protective, circle-the-wagons-type behavior in response to negative comments made by Pierce about Kevin Durant joining the team this summer, it was not left alone by the Truth, who responded in kind on Twitter this morning:

Something tells me these two are mostly going through the motions here, because we've seen quite clearly taunting is the food that fuels the Warriors engine, and Pierce has never pretended he's making anything like a Kobe "farewell tour" - and knows he is just as much if not more beloved to his fanbase. Perhaps a comfortable middle ground can be found in the words of Pierce's teammate, Jamal Crawford:

At any rate, it makes for good theater, right?

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