Green Envy: What Trail Blazer fans said 2/9/17

The Celtics started the night off on the same wrong foot they played against Sacramento just a day before, but they straightened the ship and grinded out a win against a Portland Trail Blazers team that should be lot better than their record would have you believe - although their fans might argue that point. Isaiah Thomas did the scoring and Marcus Smart made his usual game-winning plays at the end and the C's were too much for the Blazers in the end. Damian Lillard was bitching pregame about Isaiah stealing his wristwatch move. Funny, I didn't see him come up big in the 4th. Let's see what the Portland fans had to bitch about!

Top Three:

What are the odds of Thomas going over 50 pts tonight? Put me down for over.

BOS on second of back to back after a bad loss to the Boogie-less Kings last night. I bet they will have a 15 point lead in the first quarter.

There's a blond chick with a purple blouse, a couple rows behind the Blazer bench. Can one of you guys at the game run down and get her number for me? I'll make it worth your time. Thanks....

Never Heard of Em:

Who is Rozier? Never heard of him
Sounds like a french-canadiens hockey player
He almost killed us in Boston.
Scrubby SG in a PG body who thinks he's better than he is. In other words the type we should probably look out for because he'll probably have the best game of his life against us tonight.

Full Slate:

Isaiah Thomas has been on a rampage this season. Averages 30 a game on 46 percent FG, 38 percent from three

Knowing the blazers inconsistency this year, They are probably going to take 3 hours off of work starting at 7:30.

Another thing to take into consideration. Isaiah Thomas is crazy in the 4th quarter, been using Dames dame time gesture. I think Dame might be a bit bothered by it so we might see a very competitive dame tonight. Yeah I went deep on this one but you never know, I could see Dame secretly taking it personal

One of those nights I could see the blazers collapsing and isiah Thomas scoring 40. Hope not though

Horford would have been such a great pick up.

Almost don't know how to react to a strong start at home.

We're playing great.
Of course we are it was the first quarter.

It's like we're trying to see how fast we can piss away an entire quarter of decent play.

Meyers should try to get ejected with Thomas next time. We'll take that trade.

I see the Third Quarter Meltdown starts early.

Up six against a team with 10 more wins than us.....I can't complain
You think that's gonna last? I'm doubtful.

well, the big lead was fun while it lasted.

I hate this team. Just hate it.

Shocker. Rozier and other scrubs hitting ridiculous shots.

Ok I can't stand listening to Harlan going on about Thomas. Stop.

Watching the Blazers is like watching two adults playing with 13 kids.

We are so screwed. No cap space. No path forward. 17 years removed from contention and as far away as ever.

39 and counting for Boston in this quarter.

It WAS fun until the last minute and a half.
If you call blowing a 17 point lead "fun"......

At least we have our draft pick... Unless Olshey trades it away again for another journeyman scrub.

It helps a lot if you get thrilled when we win and not surprised when we lose

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