Green Envy: What Raptors fans said, 2/1

The Boston Celtics pulled off an 18pt comeback against the Raptors in the Garden and came out with one of their best wins of the year, 109-104. Isaiah Thomas once again went off in the fourth and ended up with 44 points. Raptors fans thought they had the game in the bag until the fourth quarter began, and everything started to collapse. Let's take a look at what some of Canada's finest said:

Top Three:

1. Fuck Celtics fans and their Dropkick Murphys every game. Song is so old and sounds like a bunch of drunk irishman having sex with each other.

2. What kind of drugs does Thomas put into his system before the 4th quarter starts? Little dude is like a 99 created player in 2K that's just so much better than everyone.

3. It looks like Marcus Smart spray painted some tortilla chips gold and then glued them to his head.

Most Familiar Comment of the Night:

I know understand how Celts fans felt with Jared Sullinger. He's having the best game of his season and I still hate watching him because of how fat and unathletic he is

Best of the Rest:

Still don't know how to pronounce Jakob Poeltl

Damn, we are the new lob city, and can someone please tell Tommy Heinsohn to shut his mouth, what a grumpy old man, sad!

Does anyone in the league like Marcus Smart? I don't even think Celtics fans do

Tony Brothers. More like Tony Sisters

Why Jaylen Brown look like he just popped out of a 90s music video? What you complaining about, you suck

Looks like Sully is finally coming along, it only took 905 development games to do so. Then again he'll probably get fat again and sit out at some point

Can we leave DeMarre Carrol in Boston? I feel like he and Crowder would get along

Boston fans are such trash, what a racist city (*Editors Note: Completely false but always a fun claim to laugh at)

Why are we going iso for Kyle every time? Uhhh I think Stevens can kinda tell you're doing that Casey you moron

Why does Dwane Casey look like he always just pissed in his pants

Jesus, hate Boston but how is IT not starting in the All-Star game, dude is way better than Kyrie

god this team sucks, we're 0-7 when Sullinger plays. Get. Him. Off. The. Team.

Terrence Loss

We didn't have Derozan but Boston didn't have bradley so idk if we would've won. I hate this team rn

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