Green Envy: What Mavericks fans said- 2/13

The Dallas Mavericks came into their contest with the Celtics on a hot streak, winning seven of their last 10 games. But on Monday night, the ran into the just as hot squad from Boston. Luckily the Mavs fans had a place to vent during the game, and here are the highlights:

Crowder Hate:

Yall see/hear Rick’s quote about Crowder?

Wasn’t Rick opposed to the trade anyways?

What'd he say about him? He said Thomas had the "blue" light...which I thought was a special for old people.

Crowder only averaging 14ppg.....thought it was more tbh

Stopped liking that dude when he called out Dallas last year and said we play dirty and that Dirk is a big flopper.

He said that?

I never heard about that, you know what Im glad he’s on Boston, hes just as bad as Rondo, and we got Dwight Powell

Yea he said it last year after the Mavs beat em lol like dude really? You have Marcus smart on your team and calling out Dirk for flopping

turned into a douchey smeltic huh?

Lol everyone does when going to Boston

And Al horford called them a classy organization lol

NBA History Lesson:

the last time they were classy
Larry Bird was on their team..

Classy for 80s nba isn't saying much tbh

I'm wasn't even born yet so I wouldnt know
but from what I know the Celtics always roughed up good players and teams
I wouldn’t call that classy, especially their fans too

Larry Legend was all class

it was a much more physical game

Back to Normal Complaining:

deron can't fall asleep starting this game

where's yogi to try and guard isaiah thomas

I thought Seth could keep up with Thomas...
Boy was I sadly mistaken.

Curry guarding IT … not working …

how about passing Deron

Harry missmatch against IT ...
… he has to shoot it, not pass it up …

Start either one of our young sfs or move salah in the starting lineup.

how the hell did powell not get that call
start flopping powell ffs

was that intentional by Yogi?
it looked like the ball got kneed and he dribbled off the ricochet

Yep, and a shooting foul on that pass Yogi threw....he got hammered.

He blocked the crap outta IT as well and got called for a foul...he'll get those calls later on

So Yogi gets pushed in the back while making a layup, and no foul?
Sure, makes sense.

If that was Marcus Smart he would been in the 10th row lol
Posted by BlueNati0n on Feb 13, 2017 | 8:12 PM

10 point lead thanks to the refs

refs letting Boston play hard but Dallas can't it's like we're playing Memphis.

Has Geraldine green been on the smeltics all year?
Lol I’m keeping that autocorrect

Why are the Celtics allowed to push and hit the Mavs with no calls?

2nd east vs 11th west ...

And a great underrated PG that use to kill us even when he was on Sacramento

how is he underrated TNT talks about him all the time, some even say he’s a top 5 player when he’s not, hes a great scorer and all but isnt that great

He's a poor AI
Like half as good

So AI made 60 ppg? Learned something new ...

In the weak nba it plays in

how is the nba weak

How is it soft Its not the players fault that the refs suck

Soft as in players cry from little contact. Refs cry and abuse power from stupid stuff. And super teams make it less fun than it should.

I agree with your second statement Soft as in players cry from little contact I’m pretty sure Kobe, D-wade, Manu especially, flop but think about why they flop. It’s really hard to get calls now, that’s why they exaggerate the foul.

Superteams make it even better, because it creates an antagonist that the protagonist beat or loses to in the nba. Usually it will create a great storyline such as last year where the Cavs come back from a 3-1 lead to beat the Warriors. In this case, the protagonist defeats the antagonists. Sometimes this involves adversity, which makes the storyline even better for the nba. It generate a lot of money for the nba.

Thank for THAT nightmare ...

Eh if Mavs lose because everyone but the Celtics coaches are hitting threes...
Can’t really be mad.

no, fuck losing to these dicks

I have to agree with dimitriouss
They gave us Rondo
Jae Crowder insulted us
They’re overrated

We have to beat them

Please less Air Matthews more 3-and-D Matthews

Baffled by D-Will's Ejection:

how tf Dwill get ejected.

deron went out with a bang alright
means more time for yogi.


whoa there ejected?!

Refs be ref'n lol that wasn't even a offensive foul

way to go refs good job, good job

Hopefully they get fired up after half...that was a breakdown at the end of the first...
What did Dwill do to get ejected?

Nothing he got called for a offensive foul that wasn't a offensive foul and talked back to the ref and bam

wait for the correction call second half

Is it possible to get unejected

He spoke towards the ref and the ref was a little bitch..

GJ dwill, limiting your minutes Keeping fresh for the.playoffs

As funny as this is...It pisses me off that he got ejected AFTER the refs made a fucked up call.

Now i’m angry … now i wanna win this !!!!!

(Lets just say dwill was on a first half only limit restriction from now on …)

1) That call was worse in person. His hand is glued to his side. No ward off or anything. Also, IT is getting away with a lot of jersey-tugging and holding.

2) Dwill didn’t say much. Max he deserved a weak T. Definitely not two. Probably not one.

3) I don’t think this will motivate them. It looks like it got in their heads and they don’t look fired up, they look kinda dejected/heads not in the game. I hope I’m wrong.

4) The Celtics are just heaving mediocre to bad shots and they’re going in. Even Smart, who’s not a good shooter, is draining everything.

5) Fuck this game.

He just got discombobulated

I'm new to Mavs ball, do they even try to get rebounds on the offensive end? or are they too cool?

Just a really bad rebounding team Much of it is due to our small ball lineups.

Lol, I'm shocked Carlisle used to bench players for not hitting the O glass…he must be getting soft with the skinning of his head…his hair held all the rebounding gumption as a coach :stuck_out_tongue:

The Chat moderator was not pleased with this comment:

I might sound stupid, but can we put Brussino in and then have him elbow IT in the face so he can get injured

I got flagged??!!! look man it was just an idea, BBP did this all the time
besides I even put a disclaimer saying it was stupid

You suggested to willingly injure a player thats sub zero an unaccaptable

Which was a joke, not funny Anyway ill stop, I apologize for misconduct, I just hope I don’t get banned

If this is the standart of this board now, intentional injure players, than i am out ...

relax you dont need to get so mad madeye Besides, I apologized

Can we please start to make our ft's ?????? Btw start to hate that smart guy … AND this call against salah? Happens every game multiple times and is never called … rediccoulous

So nice having dirk back in his groove Ageless game

Wish he had his prime speed back though lol

why the fuck is Dirk on the bench

this game is shit with the mavs playing into the celtics way not defending

ugh not today fuck boston..

I'm going to blame this loss on bogut He looked disinterested on the bench

I think Crowder hit the dagger why is James Young in the game

Hey Dimmy Horrible offense. Wes trying to do a bit too much, I think.
The defense is bothering Dirk.

I can honestly say This was the first time in a couple of weeks that I saw the Mavs not give full effort. Yogi and Mejri hustled, but everyone else looked like they already started the all star break.

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