Countdown to the trade deadline: YOUR view on a Blake Griffin trade

When it comes to a proposed three-team trade that nets the Boston Celtics Blake Griffin, the ayes have it - with an asterisk.

The qualification is mostly due to the fact that Griffin can opt out of his current deal to become a free agent, and this proposal, arguably lopsided enough towards both the Celtics and New York Knicks that the Los Angeles Clippers wouldn't even think of taking it if Doc Rivers were not their coach and General Manager, is still (rightfully) seen as a risk in that light. For those of you who missed the first half of this installment of Countdown to the trade deadline, the deal would see Avery Bradley and Carmelo Anthony shipped to the Clippers, Amir Johnson, Jamal Crawford, the 2018 Boston, 2019 Memphis, and 2019 Clippers first round picks shipped to the Knicks, and Blake Griffin and Paul Pierce heading to Boston.

The consensus seems to be that Boston wins this trade proposal, the Clippers coming in a close second, and the Knicks a distant third, though I am honestly surprised by this. There is probably never going to be a trade in this league that will net the Knicks three first-round picks for Carmelo - even mediocre ones - AND players capable of starting on a non-playoff team. Don't get me wrong; Melo is worth his keep this year, and is better than he gets credit for, but he's got two more years on his deal, and is not likely to maintain the level of play that salary warrants over the duration. This means, in effect, that the championship window for Los Angeles is likely two years (including this one) at most.

Given Rivers' motivation for the decision to fly the coop to the Clips (unwillingness to slog through a rebuild), and the fact he controls personnel moves, added to the fact that Chris Paul and J.J. Reddick will start to fade in the same window, the trade suddenly becomes plausible, if arguably unwise long-term. But one more shot at glory has never been something Doc turns away from, leaving only Boston in a risky situation should Blake's desire to stay - or health - falter.

Overall, you readers seemed split into those who think it's madness to deal Bradley - even though we might lose him once his contract is up - those who dislike or are underwhelmed by Griffin, and those who (mostly cautiously) think this would be a good move should Blake be amenable to resigning:

Some of you bid high:

None of you bid low (a first!):

Some of you want nothing to do with him:

And some of you have other ideas:
Some of you had jokes:
And some of you just want it to be March already:

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