Countdown to the trade deadline: Andre Drummond

According to ESPN's Zach Lowe, Andre Drummond is on the market.

Let me just start out by saying there has not been any reports out there (yet) connecting the Boston Celtics to the Detroit Pistons' exploration of the trade market for the big man. But then, I have to ask, is that really even necessary? Stan Van Gundy is a smart man. He wants a good return if he does trade away a franchise-level player. Where else in this league would you turn for that if not Boston? He also knows that he'll get a better deal from the teams in the league flush with assets if they happen to need what Drummond is good at - arguably, best at, when locked in - rebounding.

Have you seen the Celtics' rebounding this year? Let me answer that for you - no, no you haven't.

Moreover, it's pretty rare for players in this tier to become even potentially available. If none of the above was enough to get a phone call happening between Stan the Man and Trader Danny, something is very, very wrong in the league. But pump the brakes! Let's take it down a notch. While absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, a phone call (or twenty) do not a trade make. Rest assured - any move for Big Penguin would take a Brinks truck of assets, maybe even including a player or two due a Brinks truck once their contract renews.

 There's also a question of fit - it seems logical that Drummond could slide into Brad Stevens' system given his high degree of mobility and athleticism, but he's had problems living up to that bargain away from the basket with Van Gundy, so there's reason to wonder if it's environment - or disposition. The question works in the other direction, too - what is Stan looking to get back? A Nets pick would be almost certain to be in the package - but does he really want mostly picks? Or established players? What would such a move do to Detroit's timeline for success? So many questions to be answered, most important of which (in our opinion) is whether or not the fans themselves would be interested in having Drummond in the first place.

So, are you?

What do you think, CelticsLife readers? Should Danny Ainge and company make an offer? If so, what should it have in it?  Take the Twitter polls, and leave your thoughts and trade suggestions in the mentions, or here in the comment section below. We'll use the best - and funniest - comments in our write-up of your point of view on this trade proposal later this week.

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