Celtics title odds going up in anticipation of big trade

It's finally the trade deadline, one of the more exciting days of the NBA basketball season. Contenders are looking to bolster their squad so they can take home the Larry O'Brien trophy, teams of the fringe of contending are looking for that one extra bump to compete with Cleveland and Golden State, and everyone else is trying to set up for the future.

The Celtics have been poised to make a move for what feels like forever and in anticipation of a big trade, Vegas is protecting itself just in case.

For those who aren't completely familiar, with +1600 if you bet a dollar you'll get $16 in return if it pays out. The shift means Vegas thinks the C's have a better shot of winning, and therefore the payout isn't as big if you place your bet now.

It's a way of Vegas protecting itself in case Ainge swings a deal to grab Paul George or Andre Drummond or some other star player for cheap and seriously vaults the Celtics into title contention.

So does Vegas know something we don't? The trade deadline is 3:00 on Thursday and rumors will swirl until the clock strikes three or a move is made.

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