The Lakers suffered their worst loss in franchise history yesterday

January 22nd is a day that will be treasured for Celtics fans and other Laker-haters alike. It will no longer be remembered as the day the Kobe Bryant scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors back in 2006. It will now forever be known as the day the Lakers suffered their worst loss in franchise history, to a not-very-good Dallas Mavericks team:

Let's all take a second and truly appreciate this:


A 49 point loss is truly remarkable. Now I'm not gonna say that plus/minus is the best way to judge someone's performance in a game, but the Lakers prized rookie Brandon Ingram was a -45 for the game, which is incredible in its own right. Unfortunately it's not the worst +/- in a single game in NBA history, Manny Harris a former shooting guard for the Cavaliers set that mark with a -57, coincidently enough against the Lakers, back in January of 2011 (via

Perhaps my favorite part of this whole thing is that exchange that took place in the replies under the tweet above from Bleacher report:

Indeed. Here's the extended highlights from last night if you want to witness the brutal beatdown, the game is basically over midway through the 2nd quarter:

Photo Credit - Boston Herald/AP

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