Should the C's make a trade for the reportedly available Kyle Korver?

It appears as though the 18-16 Atlanta Hawks are trying to clean house in anticipation of the upcoming free-agency period. Not only is Paul Millsap reportedly available, three-point sharpshooter Kyle Korver appears to be on the market as well. Both players are in the final year of multi-year contracts and it seems the Hawks, wisely, are trying their best to not let their stars walk without any sort of compensation.

Now, we've already covered the potential intrigue of a trade for big man Paul Millsap but what about Korver? Should Boston call up Atlanta and see what the asking price is? Of course they should. The 13-year-veteran would provide some incredible spacing and, if nothing else, a big body on the perimeter. But Korver is more than just a big-ish body, he's an incredible efficient three-point shooter. His offensive also thrives off the pick-and-roll, something Boston is very familiar with.

For his career he has shot 42 percent from long range; he also shoots 88 percent from the free-throw line which is sort of a big plus. Also remember that Korver had a 127 game three-point streak which is certainly no small feat.

Some will understandably point out that the veteran is 35-years-old but plugging him into a young team like the C's certainly wouldn't be a detriment. But Boston would obviously have to give a player(s) up to acquire Korver midseason. So who should they give up?

This proposed trade of Terry Rozier, James Young, Jordan Mickey and a future first-round draft pick seems a little steep but it wouldn't be surprising at all if Atlanta's asking price looks something like this. Rozier has already been out of the lineup for a few games, Young is glued to the bench, as is the case with the promising Mickey, so should the C's be willing to part with three players and a first-round pick for a 35-year-old player?

What do you think? Should the C's push hard on Korver or should a potentially wild asking price scare them away? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: Jason Getz/USA Today Sports
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