Report: The Celtics have expressed interest in trading for Serge Ibaka

Apparently Nikola Vucevic isn't the only Orlando big man the Celtics have talked to the Magic about.

Danny, please say no to Serge Ibaka. He must be the oldest "27" year old I've ever seen. His game has regressed the past few years. While Ibaka would have been a nice fit on the Celtics when he was supposedly 22 (That season he blocked 3.7 shots per game. He has declined as a shot blocker every season since and down to 1.6 this year), I don't want the Celtics to be the sucker that signs him to a big contract this summer.

Prior to signing Al Horford, I would have been all for pursuing Vucevic, but he and Horford just don't go well together. Neither can guard NBA 4's, so you could only play one at a time most of the game. There's a reason the Magic are trying to rid themselves of one or two of their bigs. While I wouldn't mind Vucevic if he could be had for cheap (He's on a team friendly contact), just say no to Serge.

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