Now that the dust has settled, Crowder clears the air about his comments and Twitter rant

As everyone knows, Jae Crowder had a few words after Celtic fans cheered for the opposing team's small forward, Gordon Hayward, at TD Garden. That unfortunately took attention away from what was a great game for him and the Celts.

Now that the dust has settled, Crowder addressed his post-game comments and Twitter rant. Here's his whole interview:

Although he still backs up what he said, The Celtics forward dismissed the turmoil that it seemed to bring to the social media world. He isn't going to change his whole opinion on playing in Boston because of this -- he was just upset and in the heat of the moment:

I feel like he slightly contradicted himself here, but let's not break down this incident any more. Crowder went on to make amends with Celtic fans, and also explained how he isn't fond of them cheering for any opposing player whose on their radar, not just Hayward:

Personally, I see where Crowder is coming from. Fans should appreciate what they have now instead of being greedy and cheering for a potential free agent target. It's kind of like indiscreetly checking out another chick right in front of your girlfriend -- of course she's going to be offended and mad for a bit!

Now that Crowder has aired his grievances, voiced his apology, and reiterated his stance with fans and the city of Boston, hopefully we can put all of this to rest for good.

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