Green Envy: What Wizards fans said - 1/10/17

When the going got tough, Isaiah Thomas got going - stomping out the Wizards as the Celtics bounced back with a vengeance after last night's painful loss. After being on the wrong end of a comeback/closeout yesterday, Isaiah and gang-green came through big time with the game on the line tonight. The Little Guy dropped 20 in the 4th, and sent the Wiz on a Bullet-train back to Washington as the M-V-P chants rained down at the Garden. If it wasn't for his own fans burying him all game long I wouldn't have even known John Wall was playing:

Top Three:

The Isaiah is better than Wall talk will never end now. And honestly, Isaiah deserves it.

Imagine if this game was on national TV. Would have ended any debates between Wall and Isaiah.
They would literally subtract all star votes from John, what a nightmare that would be

The Roast of John Wall:

Maybe John should take some Jolt so he doesn't have to sleepwalk through every first quarter.

Brooks needs to sit Wall. Didn't challenge Jerebko, that airball. He's clearly tired.

Can John get subbed already? He looks tired and is not helping at all.

John is literally doing nothing on defense then takes a rec league pull-up after trash talking Marcus smart? What the hell?

Wall is playing depressed....somebody need to dance and fire him up

John now 3 of 16. Keep shooting those fadeaways from 20 and not attacking the basket.

LOL Wall has money on Boston tonight. What a joke

Beal playing like the guy who doesn't party the night before games. Wall, the opposite. Oh wait...

Wall looks like he's about to get toasted this quarter by IT

Those head 2 head Wall vs Thomas stats are going to get even uglier

John picked the wrong game to be useless.

This loss is completely John Walls fault

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Will win this one.

That's right, boss. John Wall with a 40/15/8 game. Jason Smith with the game winner put back. Calling it now.
The only put back he's getting is when they put back the hair on his famous bald spot.
I heard he got that thing because he hit his head on the rim so much it rubbed the hair off.

Not a great start.

Boston is playing like they actually want to win this game. Woud be nice if we could join them in that attitude.

Neither team playing defense lol, tired

Man! Kief is slow and unathletic
Nah he's just lazy. He's not that slow.

I have a revolutionary idea...somebody guard Crowder. How about that??

Scouting report; Slow down Thomas, Horford. Leave Crowder open at the 3-point line.

Crowder scoring more points in the first 6 minutes than he does in 2 games total.

Wall seriously gives no effort on defense, just stands there
He looks tired already. Could be a long game

I guess defense won't be played tonight.

What was Jerebko trying to do there? Walk through Morris?

Oubre's mandatory once-per-game offensive foul just now.

Oubre needs to spend all offseason trying figuring out that he has a right hand.

Kind of crazy how lucky we've been these past 3 games. Don't have to face the Greek Freek, no Wade or Butler, and tonight no Bradley or Amir Johnson. I suppose every team is a bit banged up at this point, but still.
We're trotting out Trey Burke, Jason Smith, an undrafted rookie, and a guy who can't play basketball with his right hand. I'd say it all evens out.

Smart is a dirty player. He f-ing tackled Brad.

Time for Jason Smith to hard foul Smart.

LOL Boston's broadcast crew is so salty that John won EC player of the month for December over Isiah Thomas.

You watching on LP and have to endure Heinsohn? Might i suggest the mute + radio.

OK, I'm here for the 4th Q. I've come to bring us good luck.
Did you bring John Wall with you?
All is lost.

Just cut Trey Burke right now. Don't even wait until the game ends.

Give Thomas credit, he usually owns us and did again tonight. The rest of their team was dog sh-t.

Just as the feed cut away, Smart involved in a shoving match in front of the Wizards bench. That guy is a punk, probably always mad because he's got a small sausage.

I think we've had more altercations with the Celtics than any other team combined this season.
Atleast they come together to duke it out

Smart is a straight up punk. I'd love the chance to get the Cs in a playoff series. Bad blood brewing.
I wouldn't want them in a playoff series. I am confident we can beat anyone in a series outside of them and the Cavs. They always seem to play us well.

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