Green Envy: What Pistons fans said - 1/30

The Detroit Pistons headed to the TD Garden for a matchup with a Celtics team coming off three straight wins, and even though they've been missing bodies the last few games, the C's were able to hold off a late game charge from the visitors from the Motor City. Andre Drummond was a monster, and he might be big, but he's clearly not big enough to fend off The King in the Fourth. Isaiah Thomas single-handedly put the Pistons away with 24 points in the 4th quarter, and yet again the King reigned supreme.

Top Three:

Time for the whole world to see how bad we are

lol Reggie letting himself get blocked by our dear departed Swedish Meatball. Trash.

Come on lets finish this strong and get this loss

The King:

IT unstoppable in the 4th it seems

How the hell can you not guard a guy who's 5'7

Ish was bothering IT also, although I am not sure there is any stopping him now. Guy is unreal.

Let's go IT!! The tank is on, reggie's on the court anyway!

This just in Isaiah Thomas is good at basketball lol

Thomas is ridiculous

Full Slate:

please get a W

I got a feeling boys! We're gonna be pissed, they can't rebound and we can stop IT.

I'm not optimistic about this one.

TNT starts with ripping our player's focus. Man they are spot on. They can't answer the question of "whose team is this", lack of trust, no leadership!!! WOW these guys are pros. hahaha

PREACH!!! Barkley on Pistons - "guys got money and now they think they're stars"

Crazy IT4 is avg that many points being that small

Drummond like to play like he's 6'5, He should be getting easy buckets and yamming on people nightly.

I feel like we played well enough to not be down by 1. Sigh...

First 1st quarter in a while where we didnt give up 30 points atleast

brick, brick, brick...

Just awful D. I can't believe Olynyk beat us down the court.

We look like a side show circus act out there.

The most Drummond play ever. Elite athleticism to catch that ball, goes up soft and misses a layup. Pathetic.

Barkley - "Bulls and Pistons chasing the bottom feeders" Love it.

If you guys start hoping for loses like I do then you will feel much calmer on game nights.

Celtics don't need a rookie. They need a center. Dre would do good there with that team.

Another one of those games...when I decide to watch one Marcus Morris looks like hot garbage.

Stan loves plus and minuses Reggie is like -20. Well take ur minus into ur nose all the way up to ur ass

My god that hack a Dre was devastating.

Dre makes both of those FTs and SVG still being master of panic and takes him out

Reggie is so bad. Will he actually make it pst the trade deadline?

How many **** possessions can you have in a row before you pull that **** of pg we call Jackson

Definitely can see Reggie moving at the trade deadline..for what who knows..
Fifth of Jim Beam and a 2 liter of Coke Zero

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