Green Envy: What Jazz fans said - 1/3

It was a great night for the Celtics, but it must've been brutal for Jazz fans to watch their opposition absolutely torch them from deep with 17 three-pointers on north of 50% shooting! Here's what they had to say:

Top Three

*When someone nearly spilt their beer on air*
LOL dude saved the beer like a champ
-> Its Boston, spilling beer is probably punishable by death.

I am on an airplane and many of us are taller than the Celtics leading scorer.

cue the clown music

Player of the game: Isaiah Thomas

Amazing a 5'9" dude can do that.

thomas is really good.

thomas was super impressive. lol at kings for letting him go

wow what a move by thomas

IT butchering us.

IT just so damn good

The barrage of threes

**** it. 5 of 5 from 3 for Crowder.

man celtics can't miss 3

Celtics can't miss.

****ing 3's

Lucky ****ing 3s.

Raining three's!!!

Yea, they've shot better from 3 tonight than the jazz have ever as a franchise.

The oddly large amount of shade thrown at Celtic announcers

man celtics announcers are boring

Oh ****. Boston's announcers' voices are annoying as hell.

Lol. Heinson probably never heard of [Hayward]. He's the wort in the league next to Austin Carr

Celtics announcers are silly ****s (weird chirp bro)

Boston announcers are absolute cancer.

A few other...interesting...observations

Mack is terrible.
Dee Brown >>>> Mack (umm, I do not see the correlation here..)

Olynek pushed Favors so hard on that. These refs suck. NBA refs suck a** (thank you for clarifying which refs suck)

I don't like the boston court.

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