Former Celtic Orien Greene arrested for "creepy butt rub"

Had no idea what to put as a title to this, so decided to go with TMZ's description of the charges.
According to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports, the 34-year-old ex-Boston Celtics player entered the first home early in the morning and went to the master bedroom where he encountered a 56-year-old woman lying in bed.

Greene then left without further incident and went to a 2nd home across the street ... where he allegedly went to the bedroom and saw a 40-year-old woman sleeping in bed.

Greene allegedly kissed the sleeping woman on the neck and "rubbed her butt."

The woman woke up and started yelling ... Greene allegedly booked it and went to his girlfriend's house

Who knows how many other women have been victimized by Orien? Hopefully this was some one time crazy moment due to being on drugs or something and not a pattern. I remember when Greene and Delonte West were battling for point guard minutes with the Celtics as young players. Crazy to see both have bizarre off the court issues, with Greene's now apparently worse.

Update via 7 News Miami
Police said Greene admitted to entering the houses of two different women, who are now in fear for their life and wish to prosecute.

He is charged with two counts of felony and burglary and misdemeanor battery.

Police said both women were sleeping at the time of the intrusion. One of the women Greene violated, police said, cried out, startling Greene. He then ran to his girlfriend’s house, which is located in the same neighborhood as that victim, near Pembroke Falls Boulevard and Flamingo West Drive.