Video: 1986 Boston Celtics tribute mix

Lengthy mix by BasketballJones48021 on the 1985-86 championship season.

The 1985-86 Boston Celtics... One of the greatest teams in basketball history, if not the greatest.
They had a very tall and skilled frontcourt, maybe the best ever, the Big 3, with Larry "Legend" Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert "The Chief" Parish. They boasted outside shooting, postgame capabilities, rebounding prowess, overall defense, passing ability, tremendous basketball awareness, craftiness, some power and agility, basically just everything you can get and more... They also had an great backcourt with Dennis "D.J." Johnson and Danny Ainge. D.J., a defensive stopper and former explosive shooting guard, by then a steadier point guard, came through with some scoring, very good passing passing, great decisions, clutch play and, of course, defense. Ainge was a sharpshooting guard who could also handle and pass the ball, and played nice scrappy defense.

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