Should the Boston Celtics hire a shooting coach?

The Boston Celtics have long been league leaders in staying ahead of the NBA arms race, but it seems they have recently fallen behind in arguably the most important offensive development in decades - the league’s proliferation of dedicated shooting coaches.

To be fair, the Celtics have had a dedicated shooting coach in the past (Andy Enfield, now head coach at USC, was hired by Boston in the late 1990s for the position), but for whatever reason, chose not to continue hiring for the position as the modern NBA became especially geared towards three-point shooting in recent years. This curious fact was recently noted by veteran sportswriter Kevin O’Connor in a recent article for the Ringer, and might be forgiven if not for the fact that several important players could very much use help with their shooting.

It’s common knowledge Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown could use a boost in shooting from deep, but it might surprise you Isaiah Thomas, Gerald Green, and James Young are also guards or wings putting up below league-average (.352) numbers from deep. It might also be news to you that in addition to Smart, Brown, Thomas, Green, and Young that Terry Rozier joins them as below league-average in field goal percentage (.449) as well.

For the present, this hasn't been the problem many worried it might for the season - but a couple of made threes might have made the difference in more than a few games this season, and it certainly wouldn't hurt to hire a dedicated expert as other teams have done - no offense to Walter McCarty.

What do you think, Celticslife readers? Should Boston pony up and hire a shooting coach? Or are they doing just fine? Let us know in the comment section below.

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